Amy Schumer Says She's "Disgusted" With Some Of Her "Old Material" Because It Was Racist

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Amy Schumer

Comedian Amy Schumer is reflecting on some of her past work as she looks to her future projects, and she isn't happy with some of her old jokes.

You probably know Amy Schumer from her raunchy standup comedy or her hilarious movie Trainwreck. But she's back with a new show on Hulu called Life & Beth, and she'll also be co-hosting the Academy Awards this year. She talked to Hollywood Reporter about the state of her career, while also looking back on the work she has done in the past.

Amy Schumer Is "Disgusted" With Some of Her Old Jokes

Comedians have been under fire lately for jokes they've told in the past, such as Joe Rogan who was blasted for using the n-word and making a Planet of the Apes joke in relation to a black neighborhood. Schumer is falling in line with many of her peers by retroactively apologizing for jokes that could be considered offensive.

Schumer has been know for her IDGAF energy, but she has recently been critical of her past self. "I'm disgusted with some of my old material," she said in the interview. In particular she refers to a joke she made about black people not being able to swim. Amy said she read Isabel Wilkerson's Caste and it helped her to understand the racist roots of this joke.

She then claimed that she has "so much undoing to do," and that she's trying to be a better ally. Not surprisingly, this realization came after she attended Black Lives Matter events and workshops after George Floyd's death. How convenient.

Must every single comic grovel at people's feet for doing their job — making jokes? We've seen so many retroactive apologies and regrets over mere punchlines that it's hard to maintain respect for all these comedians, and it becomes less and less sincere every time we witness it.

Life & Beth premieres on Hulu on March 18.

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