Katy Perry Embraces Femininity For Her Pregnancy Announcement

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You’ve seen the pregnancy announcements with balloons that spell out “baby” and adorable onesies that say “coming soon,” but Katy Perry took it to the next level with her newly released music video for her new song “Never Worn White.”

The video premiered on Thursday, featuring a stunning Perry in an off-the-shoulder white dress and a magnificent gown made entirely of flowers. At the close, Perry is shown from the side, caressing a very noticeable bump. 

The Announcement

She posted the video on her Instagram early Thursday morning with the caption, “Let’s just say it’s gonna be a jam packed summer,” evidently referring to her upcoming album and the little baby she and fiancé Orlando Bloom will welcome at some point this summer. 

In an Instagram Live video following her post, the American Idol judge did not disclose her due date but did give some insight into her pregnancy appetite and cravings. As she snacked on dried mango, she shared that she now carries Tabasco sauce in her purse (despite never having liked spicy foods in the past) and has switched from beef to the Impossible burger (a vegan option) because red meat has not been appetizing. 

Katy also claimed that this was the longest secret she’s ever had to keep and lovingly told her fans, “And I like to tell you guys everything but I knew I would tell you in the best way, which is through a piece of music because that's, I guess that's how I speak to you. That's how we speak together to each other.” On her Twitter, she sounded relieved to have the news public, comically tweeting “omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore,” followed by “or carry around a big purse.” 

Feminine Power 

Katy Perry has proven herself to be quite the powerful lady, consistently ranking as one of the world’s best-selling musical talents, receiving prestigious awards, dabbling in film, and now judging on American Idol. Motherhood is her latest feminine feat, and we absolutely adore how she announced her pregnancy in such a graceful and beautiful way. 

katy-perry-never-worn-white-music-video-outfits white dress

The video, which now has over 20 million views, embraces femininity with its pink backdrop, breathtaking gowns, and colorful blooms. Katy herself, who has donned all manner of costumes for her music videos (flashback to "E.T" with her alien ensembles and "Part of Me" when she dressed as a soldier), looks particularly lovely in “Never Worn White.” Her white floor-length dress is reminiscent of both Meghan Markle’s and Princess Eugenie’s wedding dresses in its elegant simplicity. The flower dress, which is far from simple, transforms Katy into someone akin to a goddess, a fairy queen, or Mother Nature. 

katy perry pregnancy reveal gif

Her final outfit - a strapless gown with sheer skirt - perfectly shows off the little baby growing within her, highlighting the incredible ability that only women possess. Aside from her attire, Katy’s luscious locks flow freely, truly reminding us of a goddess. Oh, and the pregnancy glow is no joke. Katy shines brilliantly throughout the entire video. 

The Happy Couple 

Perry and heartthrob Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019 and announced it the following morning with a very cute close-up selfie showcasing her ring. They had been off-and-on dating since early 2016 (when obvious flirting at a Golden Globes after-party first sparked rumors of their courtship). While they announced that they would be keeping their wedding more intimate, they have shared plenty of sweet moments on social media (such as the precious photo of a FaceTime sesh captioned “our initials together are O.K. and that’s what it’s gonna be”). 

Katy has openly discussed Orlando’s loving support during her bout with depression, calling him her anchor.

Bloom, known to many as Legolas (the attractive elf in The Lord of the Rings), was previously married to the Australian model Miranda Kerr. They have a 9-year-old son, Flynn, who will, undoubtedly, be a wonderful big brother. Perry had married Russell Brand in 2010 after only a 10-month engagement. The two separated just over a year later. 

Bloom and Perry have been taking wedding planning and preparations slowly so as to lay the foundation for a flourishing life together. So far, the happily engaged couple (and now parents!) seem to be a match made in Heaven. Katy has openly discussed Orlando’s loving support during her bout with depression, calling him her anchor and saying, “He is not the biggest fan of Katy Perry, but he’s the biggest fan of Katheryn Hudson” (her birth name). His love for and commitment to the mother of his new child are evident in sentimental posts, like the one he posted about the Carnival Row premiere: "So grateful to share this bright light @katyperry Makes all the difference having a partner to enjoy the highs, lows and everything in between."

Closing Thoughts

Katy Perry already had us excited for summer 2020 due to her upcoming album. Now, we have something else to be excited about too - a beautiful little baby bound to be as talented as his (or her!) parents! In her Insta live video, Katy told the world that she and Orlando are “excited and happy” as they await the arrival of their little one. We’re sharing in that joy and excitement!

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