Red Pill Men Can’t Insist On A Virgin Wife When They Sleep Around

Controversial, I know, but it’s hypocritical for men to want women who are just going to smile sweetly and think nothing of it when their man has a body count that’s far from single-digits, while he expects the complete opposite from her.

By Luna Salinas5 min read
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Society’s aggressive push toward radical feminism and casual misandry has undoubtedly been terrible for relations between the sexes. One of its many detriments is the emergence and popularization of the “redpilled,” “pro-men” influencers who came as a supposed antidote to feminism. These influencers who make up the manosphere espouse hypocritical ideals – one of the most glaring is the idea that a woman is unworthy of love and respect if her body count is too high, meanwhile a man can and should proudly boast a high body count himself.

They fail to realize this makes them nothing more than slaves to their own base, sexual urges, and that by partaking in such “alpha” behavior, they’re really just tainting their own dating pool. These men play a huge part in the problem, and they either fail to see it, or they do and don’t care. And they care even less that this can hurt impressionable young men and boys.

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

It’d be unfair to embark on an exploration of why the manosphere and its influencers are sorely incorrect about women and dangerous to the discourse between the sexes without granting some credence to their basic ideals. To not do so would be to fail to see why there was a need for their emergence in the first place.

In the last 20 years, relations between men and women have notably soured. Despite having equal rights with men by the 21st century, feminists emerged with a new wave, this time championing the elimination of any and all misogyny. They tackled serious things like rampant sexual abuse in the entertainment industry but also absolutely meaningless things like female presence in video games.

Either way, there has never been an instance, across history or cultures, where 100% of men respected 100% of women, no matter their age, race, or background. So of course, this was a mission with no real end, but endless possibilities for outrage-farming and safe careers in feminist journalism.

The average young boy or man who consumes such messaging would be left to believe that he is worth less than nothing, and that the pursuit of strength, honor, or purpose was toxic. His very existence is a plight on society, and if his heart wasn’t already bruised enough, he’d be left terrified of having it broken further by a girl who is either like the women he sees perpetuating the message or by one who is fooled into believing it.

When you’re faced alone with a problem that seems so insurmountable, you’ll surely take whatever help or insight you can get, right?

Enter two different kinds of men: The first category contains successful, “alpha” males who promise men a means to achieve success or community. In the second category are men who highlight how terrible women are and demonstrate all the bullets that are dodged when you become a man who takes on no additional responsibility beyond pursuing money and lust.

A good example of an influencer in the first category is Andrew Tate. Prominent examples of the second are Walter Weekes and Myron Gaines, better known as the hosts of the FreshAndFit podcast.

Weekes and Gaines largely highlight the hypocrisy and vanity of women, by platforming women who partake in sex work, who have high body counts, or who see men as resources to be utilized. These women will sometimes comment on how hard it is to find a good man, and Weekes and Gaines will usually use these women’s perspectives and past to highlight how feminism has ruined all women and that men would do right to just avoid them or use them as a sexual conquest.

Andrew Tate believes a man has to work hard, have good ethics, and be successful to be a “high value” man, while a woman merely needs to be “hot.”

Although Tate promises services and resources resembling a solution for men who want to improve themselves, he isn’t without fault when it comes to holding toxic and unproductive views on women, as well as male and female relationships. For instance, he insists that loyalty in men and women is distinct, and that a woman cheating is the worst thing she can do to a man, while a man cheating doesn’t carry that same weight. Tate also believes that a man has to work hard, have good ethics, and be successful to be a “high value” man, while a woman merely needs to be “hot.” And not even necessarily nice.

At the same time, all three agree upon the importance of families. Andrew Tate even goes so far as to say that men and women falling in love and having families is a beautiful thing. His one caveat is that the man should be a free, sovereign being and the woman should be considered his property, meant to meet a considerably higher moral standard than her husband.

Men and boys who want financial success, role models, and community can look to both influencers, but they won’t necessarily find their lives improved by implementing their advice. Those who ostensibly want a family will pursue it in vain and with counter-productive ideas in mind. Sure, it may be possible to find a wife, but most, if not all, self-respecting women aren’t going to tolerate a man who nonchalantly believes that his infidelity is no big deal.

The “solutions” that they provide really only breed more problems. One of the most glaringly obvious ones surrounds the double standard around male and female body counts and a genuine objectification of women. She is his object. Not a being that should be held to the same standard as her boyfriend or husband because they both want to be exemplary people, but because she has two purposes: to look pretty, and to not make him look bad. She cannot possibly be high value if she has slept with 50 men, even if the last time she slept with someone was years ago.

Standards Versus Casting Judgment

Everyone is entitled to a standard when it comes to their life partners. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the sexual double standard doesn’t mean that men should accept women having a high body count that approaches or exceeds triple digits. Higher body counts generally indicate a past (recent or distant) of reckless behavior, a lack of consideration for your own health and safety, and a lack of commitment to one person. These are all things that are worth knowing before committing to and settling down with someone.

However, “alpha” male influencers will cast stones, as if they’re free of all fault, without allowing any room for nuance for women. They never seem to consider asking why she has a high body count, or if she regrets it. FreshAndFit will host women who don’t care about their high body count, and ascribe that sentiment to all women in general. They won’t consider that something in a woman’s past could have led her down such a path. Moreover, this standard doesn’t apply to them. Myron Gaines has a self-reported body count of over 400, which, according to him, “don’t matter.”

Women are independent beings who are capable of making great choices or regrettable mistakes. While a woman should absolutely be held responsible for her decisions, what if an instance of sexual abuse early in life led her to cope with it by sleeping around recklessly? What if years of bullying and harassment, or incessantly being called ugly, followed by male attention brought on by a “glow-up” sparked her to accept positive male advances, especially when society is telling her that her beauty and worth are tied to her ever-fleeting youth and that sex is just a meaningless pastime?

Alpha male influencers never seem to consider asking why a woman has a high body count or if she regrets it. 

There are certainly reasons why a woman could have a high body count that are facilitated by a lack of positive male influence. Maybe her dad was a sovereign being who valued his freedom too much, not the type to get married and commit to her mother, who called it good by merely providing financially. He could have been out of the picture for whatever reason, maybe driven by attitudes that are condoned by FreshAndFit.

Either way, a girl’s “daddy issues” – which, reminder, are brought on by her father and not her – can cause a girl to grow up with promiscuous tendencies. If her adolescence and early adulthood are influenced by that, but she learns the error of her ways and truly commits herself to remaining with one man forever, then what? If a woman has no value past a certain number of people she’s slept with, what should she do? Lie down and die?

This isn’t to condone promiscuous behavior. Because, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be unfair for a man to hear her body count and refuse to pursue a deeper relationship with a woman. 

But it’s also unfair for these alpha males to reinforce the idea that a woman is effectively a depreciating asset who is most valuable the second after she turns 18, and then assign some women the role of a “hoe” who is truly only good for sleeping with, in order to help satisfy their thrice-a-day urges, only to then complain that women sleep with too many men.

Men Hurt Themselves More Than They Realize

Men online may agree with Tate, Gaines, and Weekes in the belief that a man’s body count doesn’t matter like a woman’s does. There are also surely women out there who either don’t care, because they also have a high body count, or they pretend not to care out of a desire to be accepted, accommodating, or “the cool girl”.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that body count does matter. American evolutionary psychologist David Buss wrote, “Men with more sex partners (indicating a short-term mating strategy) experienced sharp decline in how sexually attractive they found their partner immediately following intercourse, whereas neither women nor men with less sexual experience showed this decline.” This suggests that men who have high body counts can find it hard to remain attracted to their partners after sex, and if it’s a constant carousel of women for these “alpha” males, then there really is hardly a chance for attraction to persist after sex, if sex loses all its meaning and reverence as an expression of love.

Besides that, contrary to what “alphas” say, the average woman will care if her boyfriend has a high body count. Online questionnaires contain answers from women saying that they find it disgusting if a man has a high body count, and that it suggests he’s either desperate, has low self-esteem, or lacks discipline and self-control. Besides that, it would certainly make sense that a virgin woman, or a woman who has only had sex while married or in deep, committed relationships, would want the same out of her boyfriend or potential husband, especially if her motivations are religious. Because no matter how much of a show Andrew Tate makes out of being “religious,” men who follow God aren’t going to be sleeping around with reckless abandon.

Closing Thoughts

The truth is that red pill men often don’t care about anyone besides themselves, and they don’t actually care about men being happy. If men were truly happy and fulfilled in not getting married and abandoning meaningful responsibility, Tate, and especially Gaines and Weekes, would have nothing to sell in the realm of dating advice. So what motivation do they have to give any truly helpful advice?

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