Leak From A Red Pill Coaching Group Reveals Men Encouraging Abusive Behavior To Win Over A Woman: "Make Her Hate Her Family"

Manosphere coaches urge men to find a webcam girl who has an absent father, which makes her easier to control.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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The Red Pill manosphere represents a loosely connected web of online communities, including men's rights activists, pick-up artists, and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), who share common perspectives about gender dynamics. The term red pill originates from the 1999 movie The Matrix, where the protagonist is offered a choice between a red pill—to face an uncomfortable truth—or a blue pill—to live in blissful ignorance. In this context, the red pill symbolizes the acknowledgment of the perceived harsh realities of male-female relationships.

Advocates within the Red Pill manosphere uphold a range of beliefs centered on male power, sexual strategy, and dissatisfaction with societal changes regarding gender roles. Their doctrines often focus on evolutionary psychology and biological determinism, arguing that men and women have fundamentally different natural roles, which modern society, particularly feminism, has subverted. Red Pill adherents claim that feminism's strides for gender equality are at men's expense, causing them to be marginalized and victimized.

In response to feminism, red pill men often argue for a return to traditional gender roles, where men are seen as leaders, protectors, and providers, while women are caregivers and homemakers. They correctly identify feminism as a disruptive force that undermines these roles, leaving men disoriented, disempowered, and unfairly treated, particularly in areas such as family law, education, and social services. However, the prescription in response to feminism isn't quite right. In fact, some argue that the red pill manosphere men are just as extreme and harmful as feminists, just on the other end of the extreme.

The Red Pill perspective on women tends to be complex and sometimes paradoxical. On one hand, red pill men often express admiration for women who embody traditional femininity, valuing traits like nurturing, youth, and physical attractiveness. On the other hand, these communities frequently characterize women as manipulative, self-interested, worthless, and hypergamous, seeking to marry up socioeconomically.

Leak From a Red Pill Coaching Group Reveals Men Encouraging Abusive Behavior to Win Over a Woman

A Twitter user @takeheartmonica shared a screenshot of a leaked conversation allegedly found from a red pill coaching group in which men coach each other on how to land a woman and how to treat her within the context of manosphere values. "This is what the redpill has become. this is a leak of the lil coaching group chats they have. abusers [sic]," she tweeted.

The screenshot showed guidance from Joe Lampton, a red pill character who is giving advice to guys on how to achieve "total male domination" over a woman. In this conversation in particular, he's talking about how to conquer "camgirls" and why they're suitable for men who want power in a relationship.

"Most cam girls have weak fathers. 99%. Or no father (dead jail etc)," he wrote. "Good tip: if you want a girl to work for you, find one with a weak family. She’ll love you the most. She will depend on you. You can use this. She’ll say ‘ you’re the only one I have.'"

He says a woman with a strong father is difficult to manipulate, to which a user responds, "This is absolute gold fam."

Joe goes on to suggest that if the woman does have a strong father, you should "make her hate her family" by eliminating all her options, friends, and communication with family members. "She’ll be stuck with you, you can do what the f*ck you want," he writes. "B*tch with no options + genuine desire = total male domination." Because a woman who has many friends and even coworkers will leave a man who is a trying to dominate her.

"She’ll have where to sleep, she’ll have people in her ear making her aware of your ‘cruelty,’" he sayd. "BUT when YOU control the narrative… It’s different. Her friends are your boys girls, they will say you’re the perfect man etc. Never let the exterior world ruin the mind games you play."

He puts a disclaimer at the bottom of the thread saying that you have to create another strategy if the girl "makes a lot of money from her regular job or her parents are millionaires." The strategy he is referring to is only for girls who do sex work online.

Views on women and marriage within the Red Pill community vary widely but generally lean towards skepticism. They critique marriage as a social institution, perceiving it as risky for men, who they believe are likely to lose financial and personal freedom in the event of divorce. However, some red pill men endorse marriage, provided it aligns with their vision of traditional gender roles. Monogamy is another contentious issue. Many red pill advocates propose that men should aim for multiple sexual partners, leveraging what they call "plate spinning," and that's why they propose this kind of strategy to men who are trying to land multiple women—all of whom will be submissive to them.

Critics argue that the red pill ideologies are rooted in misogyny, promoting toxic masculinity and unhealthy attitudes towards women and relationships. This leaked conversation only bolsters this belief and convinces many women that the movement is generally toxic and even abusive. .