Sex Worker Confirms That "Red Pill Alpha Males" Hire Women To Pose For Photos And Pretend To Like Them

She also says these guys "have no f*cking clue" that most of the women they hire are over the age of 30.

By Zoey Carter3 min read
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In recent years, an online community known as the "red pill" manosphere has gained notoriety for its beliefs about the relationship between masculinity and femininity. This group, consisting primarily of men, seeks to challenge the mainstream understanding of gender dynamics by promoting a worldview that is rooted in male dominance and female submission, while also teaching men how to act in order to attract young, fertile women in droves.

The red pill manosphere derives its name from a concept borrowed from the popular 1999 film The Matrix. In the movie, the protagonist is offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, with the red pill symbolizing the acceptance of an uncomfortable truth, and the blue pill representing blissful ignorance. The red pill community believes that they have chosen to accept the truth about gender dynamics, which they argue is heavily biased against men. They often use terms to describe women like "hypergamous" (referring to the alleged tendency of women to "trade up" in relationships) and "AWALT" (an acronym for "All Women Are Like That"). The phrase "hit the wall" is also a common one, describing women who have reached a certain age and are no longer beautiful and fertile enough to attract a high-value man.

It's common for red pill "alpha males" to show photos and videos of themselves posing with beautiful, young women, hanging out with them in clubs or on yachts. They share tips and advice with other men on how to arrive in the same kinds of situations with gorgeous women. A Twitter user named Ben (@shadesofgame) recently shared a series of photos and videos of himself in a nightclub surrounded by beautiful women. "im 40 and i don’t date girls over 24. my girlfriends are 20, 21 and 24. the 24yo i’ve been with her since 2 years. too much mileage and baggage when they’re older than that. trust me i’ve tested it extensively. so i recommend you do the same. 18-24 only. understand the game [sic]," he tweeted.

His tweet went viral, and Twitter added a notification on the bottom of it, claiming that the second picture "is an AI-generated fake." He responded and said the photo is totally real; the women simply added a filter to their face to make themselves look a little better. A woman responded to the viral tweet with a screenshot of another woman alleging that these types of "alpha males" are actually hiring sex workers to pose with them and act like they like them.

Sex Worker Confirms That "Red Pill Alpha Males" Hire Women To Pose for Photos

When Ben's tweet went viral, Twitter user @takeheartmonica shared a screenshot of a comment from a woman @ivy_wylder. Ivy shared some insider information that didn't exactly surprise many people. Apparently, many of the red pill manosphere guys actually hire women to hang out with them, pose in pictures with them, and pretend to like them. She wasn't talking about Ben in particular or his tweet, but @takeheartmonica thought Ivy's comment was certainly relevant to the conversation.

"I said this in another comment but I just want to point out that the guys behind these accounts hire us (sex workers) to hang out with them and take pictures lmao," Ivy wrote. "Last summer I was on a boat with 4 other women and the guys who booked it took selfies and Snapchats with us all day, which ended up on one guys 'alpha male' account where he was like 'these women flock to me.' Sir we were there because you paid us to sit in a on a rented boat with you."

She also said that these red pill men would often rant about how young women are the only ones worth spending time with, but apparently they didn't even realize that many of the women they had hired were much older than they thought.

"That guy also went on weird rants about women's age and was like 'look at all these 20 year old girls I hang out with, not like those HAGS over 25,'" Ivy continued. "Reader, half the women on that boat were over 30, and that dung beetle and ALL his followers literally could not tell. They have no f*cking clue. In the strip club they regularly ask 32 year old strippers with kids if they're in school because they think we're 21. They cannot tell. It doesn't matter how much they screech that they can."

"I think these type of men are closet cases who secretly don’t like women. We are just objects to them," a user responded.

"Also being 40 and still hitting the club to find women is not the brag he thinks it is..," another person responded.

Ben continued to post photos and videos of himself at the club with various women surrounding him, but it only made the whole situation seem sadder. The women don't look particularly happy, and everyone in the videos looks wasted.