Is Your Outfit “Girl-Cute” Or “Boy-Cute”?

After waking up and grabbing your morning coffee, you choose what to wear. But has it ever crossed your mind to ask yourself “Who exactly am I dressing for?”

By Diana Clarke4 min read
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Many of us like to believe that we dress for ourselves. That the outfits we choose are exclusively tailored to our own personal preferences and style. But if you were the last person on earth, would you still make the same style choices you’re making today? Probably not. You might not even bother getting dressed at all.

We’ve learned that when it comes to style choices, men and women have different preferences. So we think it’s worth it to ask the question: are you dressing for the girls or for the boys? The answer to this question could impact the style choices you’re making.

If you’re dressing for the girls (or for yourself), you might be doing so to explore your personal style, increase your social status, or use it as a tool to bond with other women. If you’re dressing for the boys, you’re likely doing so to appear attractive to the opposite sex and to attract a man. 

There’s no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your goals and personal preferences. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit of both. So what does it mean to dress “girl-cute” or “boy-cute”? Let’s dive in.

Dressing Girl-Cute

If you’re dressing for the girls, you’re likely doing so to establish or increase your social status. There’s nothing wrong with leveling up. Style is also a great way to connect with other women. You might choose to dress girl-cute as a means to attract female friends, bond over a shared interest, and potentially develop a relationship that goes beyond the scope of style and fashion.

Dressing girl-cute is about following the trends, taking risks, and having fun with our style. It’s about wearing what our friends and favorite celebrities are wearing. Or dabbling in that trend that we swore we would never touch again after the last time it was popular (hello, low-rise jeans). It’s about pieces that we might look back on and think: “What was I thinking!?” No regrets, am I right?

Feathers, Fringe, and Popcorn

We’re seeing a lot of texture in spring 2022. Feathers, fringe, and even popcorn texture.

For Your Closet: Pink Fringe Top from River Island, $65


Remember cottagecore? Well, we’ve made a geographical shift over to prairiecore. We’re not exactly sure if there’s much difference between the two, but we love it none the less.

For Your Closet: Wandering Willoughby Dress from Jessakae, $70

Other than checking Instagram (and Evie) for the latest trends, the best way to dress girl-cute is to ask your girlfriends what they like. Women typically have an eye for style, color, and what is figure-flattering. 

But a word of caution: you want to make sure that you’re dressing for the right kind of girl. Just like how you don’t want to dress for the wrong kind of guy (we’re about to cover this), you don’t want to dress for or get opinions from the wrong source. A good friend will be honest about what looks good and won’t try to sabotage you. 

Dressing girl-cute is about following the trends, taking risks, and having fun with our style.

Or maybe for you, dressing girl-cute is more about dressing for yourself. Honestly, there are some weird trends right now that you might want to steer clear of. Maybe you’ll entertain the trendy or classic styles, but ultimately you decide what suits you best with limited outside influence. This is one way to explore your individuality and personal style. 

You also might not align with the current “girl culture” that can be quite bold and provocative. If you still want to dress for the girls but you want to stay away from this, it’s best to surround yourself with women who hold similar values and who will encourage you to dress in a way that reflects those values. 

Dressing Boy-Cute

Dressing boy-cute means dressing for the kind of guy you’re trying to attract. Whether that’s your husband or you’re single and looking, dressing this way means you’ll balance what they find attractive with your own personal style.

We have to get this out of the way: dressing for men doesn’t make you a “pick-me girl.” It’s perfectly normal to be interested in looking good for the opposite sex, whether that means you’re single and want to attract a man for a committed relationship or you’re taken and want your man to be attracted to you and be proud to be seen with you.

Different types of clothes attract different types of men. If you’re dressing for men, you need to ask yourself: what kind of man am I looking to attract? Do you want him to see you as a sex object or do you want him to see you as potential wife material? The answer might impact how you present yourself.

Men are hardwired to be drawn to attractive women in revealing clothing. We can’t fault them for their biology! But the way we dress communicates our values. Whether we like it or not, dressing skimpily indicates that our standards are lower. Oftentimes, it will attract men who are only interested in casual relationships, not a long-term or lifetime commitment. 

Dress in a way that indicates you’re available for commitment and only commitment.

If you want to attract a man with husband qualities for a committed relationship or marriage, then you need to appeal to his values, not to his biology. Women can bear some responsibility by dressing in a way that indicates they’re available for commitment and only commitment. If you know the kind of role you want to play in a man’s life, you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

So, what does this mean for our style choices? This means timeless pieces over trendy pieces, figure flattering clothing over revealing clothing, and feminine styles, colors, and patterns. 

Fitted T-Shirt and Jeans

Normally we would start with a dress, but here we're going to begin with something a little different (yet classic, nonetheless): a t-shirt and jeans. It seems basic, but with the right fit, this style looks great on everyone, and with a couple pretty accessories it can be girl-cute too. Keep in mind that men tend to prefer more fitted pants over baggy jeans or loose-fitting trousers.

For Your Closet: High Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch, $79

The Sundress

Have you ever met a man who didn’t like a woman in a classy dress? Maybe there’s one out there, but he’s the exception, not the rule. Men can’t seem to get enough of the timeless feminine sundress.

For Your Closet: See the Blooms White Floral Print Tie-Strap Midi Dress from Lulus, $68

Feminine Styles, Colors, and Patterns

If you’re looking to attract a masculine man with your clothing, you’re going to want to embrace feminine styles. Opposites attract, after all!

But this really does come down to personal taste: some men might prefer more neutral and earthy tones, whereas others might prefer bright feminine colors and patterns. If you have a man in your life and you know what he likes, incorporate that in your wardrobe. If not, just stick to what you like and what you know looks good on you. Prince Charming isn’t going to reject you for wearing the wrong color. (If he does, then I think it’s safe to say he wasn’t the one). 

The best way to dress for men is to ask one! Take note of what the men in your life whom you respect have to say. What do they think about women’s style choices? You can gain a lot of insight that way.

For Your Closet: Daphne Bodysuit from Altar'd State, $50

For Your Closet: Textured Plunge Front Top from ASOS, $36

Closing Thoughts

It’s worth it to consider who exactly you’re dressing for when you’re making style choices, whether it’s for yourself, the girls you’re trying to impress, or the guy you’re trying to get. Remember: you can dress to impress or attract others while still staying true to yourself.

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