Is Bella Hadid Bringing Capris Back?

Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of capris coming back into fashion, but the look might just be the Y2K trend of the year.

By Alina Clough3 min read
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Y2K fashion has been seeing a revival in recent years. Millennials who lived through the early ‘00s era are constantly pointing out just how quickly many trends have returned, from Uggs and cargo pants to dresses with bell bottoms and matching sets. If past is prologue, it seems we may be headed for peplum tops and statement necklaces sooner than we can say, “That's hot."

It’s no secret that fashion trends are cyclical, but the newest Y2K resurgence has returned more quickly than people expected: Capris might just be making a comeback, thanks to none other than Bella Hadid. Especially combined with other early 2000s trends like ballet flats, some people are saying this one is just too much, calling it “early 2000s PTA mom.” If capris really are back, they’ll feel right at home among their contemporaries. But are they doomed to be a one-hit wonder? Or is Bella taking her role of fashion icon a bridge too far?

Bella Donna

Bella Hadid is impossible to ignore. Whether she’s touting a new diet or making waves with a hot cowboy boyfriend, she’s an it girl for the ages. Hadid is often seen at the forefront of fashion trends, especially ones giving serious Y2K energy. As one of the foremost curators of “model off-duty” vibes, she’s a pro at pairing slick-back ponies with fashion no one saw coming. Now, she’s turned capris into a statement outfit that can’t be ignored.

Unlike many of her other trends, though, this one isn’t sitting well with everyone. “Post-menopausal women are gonna love this look! They already have the pieces in their wardrobes.” one user commented on an Instagram post of the star’s outfit, with another agreeing, calling it “grandma vibes in the worst way.” Some people are unabashed fans, however, especially those who were there for the initial onset of capris, saying, “I wore this in 6th grade in 1982, and I kind of love it. I never stopped wearing ballet flats. I think people are going to start making fun of me, but now I have an excuse to wear it. wear what you love!!!”

Hadid has also embraced other forms of capris, including fitted denim capris, which she took all the way to the red carpet, embracing a full Canadian tuxedo with a matching denim vest. She’s also been spotted in street style cut-off capris, embracing a more casual look, in suit-style tailored capris while in Paris, as well as in more athleisure style looks while out and about. In any case, she’s making it clear that capris are a length that’s here to stay. 

Capri Celebs

Bella isn’t the only celebrity to be embracing the capri trend this season, and if other stars are any indication, she might have successfully defined the length of everyone’s pants for some time to come. Capri leggings are the practical but controversial choice for many hopping on the trend, with both Kendall Jenner and Celine Dion embracing the plain black leggings.

Gigi is also doing her part to turn the Hadid family into a capri dynasty, sporting jean capris similar to her younger sister’s. The look had fashion editors torn, with some pointing out that it was “against her millennial elders’ better judgment,” calling it a “regrettable” fashion trend, and others calling it a “French girl style staple.”

How To Style

If celebs have you jumping on the first flight to Capri, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are a number of ways to style your new favorite warm weather staple. 

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White Capris

First, you may want to opt for something truly coastal grandma like pure white capris, which absolutely scream summer.

Chico’s Perfect Stretch Josie Pedal Pusher Pants, $60

St. John's Bay Mid Rise Tall Capris, $50

Black Capris

If you’re looking for more of a subtle way to soft launch this trend, you can also opt for something lower-key, like a plain black option that blends well into just about any look. Whether you want to embrace your inner Kendall and do an athleisure option with plain black leggings or kick it up a notch with tailored black leggings for your night out, there’s a full spectrum of opportunities for a new basic element in your wardrobe.

Mango Capri Leggings, $50 

Skims Everyday Sculpt Mid Waist Capri, $62 

NYDJ Ami Skinny Capri Jeans, $89

Denim Capris

And of course, there are always jean capris, fully endorsed by both Hadid sisters. Jean capris might just be the most versatile to embrace this trend, and will be easy to take from spring to fall.

Silver Jeans Co. Britt Low Rise Capris, $74

Aeropostale Mid-Rise Pedal Pusher Jean, $60

Pair with Two-Tone Ballet Flats

If capris have a time traveler bestie, it’s probably the ballet flat. Especially since Chanel set a new trend of two-tone cap toe ballet flats, the combo is a sure way to combine a throwback and a trend.

Steve Madden Ellison Natural Ballet Flat, $80 

J. Crew Ballet Flats with Cap Toe, $80 

Pair with Kitten Heels

Another seamless combo to pair with your capris are kitten heels. The teeny heel style makes for an extra dainty look, dressing up your capris for an unmistakably fancy feel.

Steve Madden Kari Patent Kitten Heels, $100

Bibi Lou Macramé Slingback Kitten Heels, $200

Maeve Bow Kitten-Heel Mules, $170

Closing Thoughts

It’s normal for people not to be thrilled with many off-duty models’ street style suggestions. This certainly isn’t the first time that millennials have warned us against bringing back ‘00s trends from the dead. At the same time, it’s true that capris are just plain practical and don’t come with the baggage (or booty cracks) of trends like low-rise jeans. While capris’ laid-back twin, the gaucho pants, have been trying and failing to come back for a couple of years now, it seems that high-profile looks on people like Bella Hadid might just push this one over the edge.

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