Cargo Pants Are In—Here’s How You Can Style Them In A Feminine Way This Summer

It's official: cargo pants are back in style. Whether you love or hate this trend, you've likely seen them filling your Instagram feed over the past few months. Just because they're trendy, however, doesn't mean they're easy to style.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
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Because of how baggy cargo pants tend to be, they can be a challenging item to style in a flattering way. Even famous models like Hailey Bieber have fallen into the trap of oversized cargo pants. As gorgeous as she is, her overly baggy cargo pants aren’t doing her any favors, especially when paired with a baggy sweatshirt. 

If you find yourself curious about this "it girl" fashion item but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place. We have 5 essential tips on how you can style this trendy item and still look feminine (alongside some stylish influencer OOTDs nailing the trend). Plus, we're sharing some of our favorite Evie-approved pairs at the end! Let's get started.

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Go for a Fitted Pair Instead of Oversized 

One of the pitfalls of cargo pants is that many pairs are just way too baggy. That’s not going to look flattering on anyone. So even though cargo pants are inherently a baggy style, try to choose a pair that isn’t quite so oversized for a more flattering take on the trend. 

Choose Feminine Shades

When working with a baggier, more masculine silhouette like cargo pants, color is going to be key for bringing in more femininity to your outfit. For neutrals, choose cream and white shades, or if you like having some color in your wardrobe, then opt for pastels like light pink, lavender, or baby blue. But stay away from camo and really dark hues. 

Pair Them with a Fitted Top

One fashion rule for creating a flattering outfit is that if you have something more oversized or baggy for your bottoms, then you want to go tighter up top, and vice versa. Bodysuits, fitted t-shirts, and even cropped blouses are all great options to balance out the cargo bottoms. 

Dress Them Up with Heels

Another way you can easily make cargo pants more feminine is to contrast the casual pants with a dressy heel. Heels instantly make anything you have on look more dressed up and feminine, even cargo pants. 

Make Your Hair and Makeup More Feminine

Cargo pants are not the outfit for throwing your hair in a messy bun and still looking polished. One way to make baggier, casual items look better is to have your hair and makeup done. It doesn’t have to be all-out glam by any means, but having some natural makeup and even an easy heatless hairstyle is a way to make cargo pants look 1,000 time better, and much more feminine. 

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Closing Thoughts

Cargo pants are a pretty controversial clothing item. You either love them or hate them. But if you want to take part in this summer trend, these are the tips and styles you’ll need to feel confident doing it in a feminine way. 

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