Bridal Fashion Week’s Hottest Trends Showed Us What The “Something New” Brides Will Be Clamoring For In 2024

Spring 2024 Bridal Fashion Week descended on New York in April, and brought with it all conceivable variations of what is arguably the most important piece of the whole matrimonial affair – the dress.

By Julie Drake4 min read
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Wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air as Bridal Fashion Week wrapped in New York, and even the most single (or wedded) among us can’t help but feel the twitterpation by proxy as brides- and grooms-to-be plan for their covenantal nuptials. As diverse as the festivities can be from wedding to wedding, when it comes to bridal fashion, it would appear that trends only have so much latitude in variability. The iconic mainstays of bridal accoutrement – like sheer veils, strapless ball gowns, and all white everything – are behemoth, and, to use a phrase from the Old English saying, “something borrowed” from a storied past of style and tradition as sacred as the ceremony itself. In other words, brides gonna bride. 

But while traditional bridal trends aren’t going anywhere (for which we’re secretly glad), each season the industry’s top designers create “something new,” as they expertly weave innovation and creativity into their collections. Spring 2024 Bridal Fashion Week was no exception. New trends were born and mainstay traditions revitalized as designers breathed fresh life and love into their pieces. Which, in addition to being completely inspiring and delightful, also found many a married woman wishing she were single once more – if only to have the pleasure of ceremoniously joining in union with her intended all over again.

To whet the palates of the matrimonially-inclined at any stage or ‘ship, here are the top trends from Bridal Fashion Week – i.e. what the “something new” brides will be clamoring for in 2024.

3D Florals

3D florals are all the rage in bridal right now, and to our delight, the trend seems to be holding for 2024. Gone are the days of boring, understated florals printed on here and embroidered there. Non, non. In 2024, we want our florals like we want our Broadway ingenues: total triple threats. We want them (metaphorically) singing, dancing, and serving looks all day long. And when they’re done with their Mamma Mia reenactment, we’d like them to do our talking for us and wrap up this distant relative conversation at the end of the night, stat. Or, at the very least, provide a nice personal boundary into which not even the groom can penetrate, as it will be physically impossible to get within 12 inches of our person. Come to think of it, I’m beginning to think we might see this 3D floral trend pop up in bars and clubs everywhere, as fashion-forward protective gear. Monique Lhuillier and Badgley Mischka might really be onto something here. Personal space-core, anyone?

Opera Gloves

We will never turn down a more is more moment, and if opera gloves aren’t that to a T, I’ll surrender my fashion license right now. Prayers of vintage vixens everywhere have been answered by designers like Neta Dover and Berta with Spring 2024, and we have officially arrived in peak bridal glam era. Popularized by timeless sirens of the past like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, the glam-est accessory has finally come back en vogue, and the fashion choirs are singing. Make them lace, make them satin, make them whatever you want, but always make them elbow-length, and never miss a photo op. Of which there should be plenty, as this day is all about vous.

Bigger and Better Bows

Talk about soulmates. Bows are the one true love of feminine fashion aficionados, and in 2024 Bridal, they’re bigger and better than ever. If we had to choose between bows and our human beloved, we might just end up like old cat ladies, only instead of cats, our homes will be filled with dozens and dozens of bows perched on various landings throughout the house, just waiting to be stroked and trimmed. Visitors will leave the house with a complimentary lint roller, as they’ll be covered in ribbon threads from head to toe. They may not understand it, but bows + fashion girls = a love affair from time immemorial, and one worth sacrificing for. Whether it be a classic back bow as seen from Neta Dover, or an uber feminine sleeve bow from Peter Langner, Spring 2024 Bridal bows feel fresh, extra feminine, and completely capable of taking our breath away.

Something Blue

Since 19th century Lancashire – where the Old English saying was coined – no wedding has been complete without the seminal “something blue.” But Spring 2024 Bridal is giving us a veritable masterclass in the pretty powdery hue. The “something blue” of 2024 is bigger, bolder and more front and center, as seen with Ines Di Santo’s entirely blue gown and Sareh Nouri’s bold floral prints and giant baby blue bows. If blue is your color, you’re in luck for 2024, because the options are as endless as the sky and just as heavenly.

Something Lilac

Never did I think we’d see the day when alternative color gowns went full mainstream, but here we are, and here we will happily stay! The truth is, white just isn’t for everyone, and I can’t help but think it’s a good thing that brides now have options. Seeing a vibrant, confident woman walk down the aisle in a perfect-for-you lilac or mauve gown – like these stunners from Anne Barge and Millia London – has to be a beautiful sight to behold. As 2024 brides step into their power and own their aesthetic individuality, weddings are about to get a whole lot more varied and interesting. To every bride selecting an alternative color gown, we honor you, a Sasha Fierce incarnate, reimagined for 2024. 

Thoughtful Volume

Volume is always in when it comes to bridal, but Spring 2024 volume hits different. 2024 volume feels distinctly purposeful and thoughtfully laid out. Whether it be a corseted gown with a graceful tulle skirt as seen from Dana Harel Design, or the diaphanously overflowing confection from Sebastien Luke, each gathered layer feels intentional. And we love it. When it comes to bridal volume, we like it wispy, we like it flowy, and we like it to be able to hide a dozen small children like Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker. Tres bien, mes amis.

Sparkle and Shine

Pre-Bridal Fashion Week me might have thought that sparkle and shine was only for the teens (#prom), but pre-Bridal Fashion Week me would have been wrong. 2024 Bridal sparkle, as seen here from Berta and Galia Lahav, is elegant, elevated, and all-grown-up feminine. It’s like pure feminine energy has been infused directly into the fabric, and it can’t help but shine its beautiful light onto unsuspecting eyes all up and down the aisle. I don’t know about you, but Spring 2024 bridal is making me want to sprinkle a little sparkle onto just about everything I own and fully embody the divine feminine goddess that lives deep inside us all. 

Peak Individuality

Above all, Bridal Fashion Week taught us that in 2024, there is no longer a bridal mold, and you can truly be whatever kind of bride you want to be. Peak individuality era. True identity embrace-ification. Long sweeping gown not for you? Not to worry. Swap if for a shorter, flirtier option à la Ines Di Santo. Perhaps even something with a high low hem (see Halfpenny London’s satin beauty). Traditional princess vibes not your thing? Throw a faux fur coat over a slinky, sparkly Halfpenny London slip dress. The sky’s the limit for the affianced right now, and there’s never been a better time to wed. 2024 is all about finding your true bridal personality, and wearing it on your literal sleeve. Or opera glove. Or lilac floral veil. Do you, boo. Because you is beautiful.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to showing us what the “something new” brides will be incorporating in 2024, Spring 2024 Bridal Fashion Week’s biggest trends, like silky opera gloves, 3D florals, and giant blue bows, lit the hearts of bridal connoisseurs everywhere. Following the shows, brides exited left to feverishly begin planning for their big day, and the rest of us were left to dreamily live vicariously through the happy nuptials of others. Just don’t be alarmed if a bridal-obsessed friendzilla attempts a wedding-planning coup d’etat from time to time. The solution is clear: simply hand her a bowl of pastel buttermints, and a copy of Vogue Weddings, and she will be happily occupied – and out of your updo’d hair – for days.

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