These 11 Hairstyles Are Going To Be Everywhere In 2023

From bangs galore, round bobs, natural hues, and some unexpected twists, this list will have you rushing to make your next hair appointment in no time.

By Simone Sydel4 min read
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While in 2022 we witnessed everything from '90s-inspired blowouts to long post-lockdown hair, as well as a few noticeable chops like the mixie and the boy bob. Now, celebrities, experts, and professionals in the industry seem to agree on one thing: 2023 is going to be all about the fresh, natural, and classic hairstyles and colors (with a few modern twists in between).

So, if the urge to switch up your style and change the vibe of your look is getting stronger, here are 11 hairstyles that will be everywhere in 2023.

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1. Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is a TikTok trend that has been going viral already this month, so it's safe to say we will see this hairstyle everywhere in 2023. The modern, layered, feathery cut got its catchy name by resembling a butterfly wing and strikes a beautiful balance between short, shaggy pieces below the chin for volume and long layers that fall below the shoulders. Excellent for anyone who likes length and wants to keep things interesting with a unique shape, the butterfly cut is hands down one of those hairstyles that's a must-try.

And no, you definitely don't need the $600 Dyson set to make this look work. Just a good blowout brush and some volumizing spray will do the trick!

Product To Try: Revlon – One-Step Volumizer Hot Air Brush, $65

2. Wispy Fringe Bob

The bob is a classic hairstyle that keeps getting remodeled every season, so it's no surprise that it will still be popular in 2023, but this time around, the it-thing to do will be to combine it with a wispy fringe. 

Short and textured, with a detail that perfectly frames the face and added volume at the crown, this cut is perfect for those who love to feel stylish and edgy at the same time.

Product To Try: Bumble and bumble – Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray, $47

3. Round Bob

Another classic, the round bob is an excellent choice for those who want to play it safe and make sure that their hair looks neat, modern, and beautiful all day long.

Perfect for those with fine hair and small face shapes, this hairstyle is all about simplicity and classic elegance.

Product To Try: Living Proof – No Frizz Styling Cream, $18

4. Classy Waves

A hairstyle that can take your everyday look to a red carpet glam level, the full head of big, classy waves will surely be everywhere in 2023.

Excellent for those who don't want to experiment with the new and the unknown but want to spice up their look with a touch of glamour, this hairstyle is a must-try for all who want to stand out.

Product To Try: Living Proof – Healthy Hair Perfector, $30

5. Curated Curls

Coily and curly hair is definitely becoming one of the most significant hair trends of the year, with many women embracing and rocking their natural texture.

Curated curls are perfect for any length of hair, and there isn't even a specific shape or look that you need to aim for. All you have to do to make your curls stand out is give them some love and attention with some curling cream or leave-in conditioner for extra nourishment and definition.

Product To Try: Curlsmith – Curl Defining Styling Souffle, $40

6. Side Part

Sorry, middle-part loving Gen Z! The side part is making a massive comeback in 2023. This classic look is perfect for both short and long hair types and adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your everyday look. Whether your hair is fine, sleek, and smooth, or big, voluminous, and wild, this timeless hairstyle is the perfect way to make your hair look neat and polished.

Product To Try: Kenra Professional – Platinum Silkening Mist, $24

7. Bottleneck Fringe

Evo Hair's creative director Tom Smith describes the bottleneck fringe hairstyle as one that "takes inspiration from the neck of a bottle, starting slim and short in the middle, curving longer around the eyes, and is longest following the line of the cheekbone."

And since this unique hairstyle has recently been seen on Lily Collins in the Netflix series Emily in Paris, we have a feeling it will be everywhere in 2023. So, if you're feeling a little Parisian and want to make a statement in the new year, this is the hair change to consider making.

Product To Try: Olivia Garden – Round Thermal Brush, $25

8. The Octopus

Rocked by Kaia Gerber and Billie Eilish, the octopus haircut loosely resembles the sea creature it’s named after and involves lots of layers, flicked edges, and crown volume.

The newest take on the shag and mullet that we've seen dominating the hair scene over the past couple of years, this hairstyle is perfect for those who want to stand out and experiment with something bold and trendy.

Product To Try: T3 – AireBrush Duo, $190

9. Candlelight Brunette 

Recently spotted on Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Kaia Gerber, the candlelight brunette is the perfect way to update your hair color in 2023. Best for those who want to warm up their complexion or any blonde who finally decided to say goodbye to fried strands in the new year, this hair color combines caramel and honey tones to give you a sun-kissed and natural look.

Product To Try: Wella – Color Fresh Mask, $27

10. Natural Blonde

2023 is the year of minimalism, clean beauty, and natural looks, so waving goodbye to unnatural shades of blonde and welcoming back more natural hues is a must. And since we already mentioned that platinum blonde is a trend we should leave behind, this is the perfect replacement if you want to achieve a chic, beautiful hairstyle while also saving your precious strands.

Product To Try: L'Oréal – Le Color Gloss One Step Toning Gloss, $8

11. Subtle Highlights

No matter how natural and low maintenance you want to keep your hair in 2023, a subtle addition of highlights will always make your hairstyle look polished and alive.

This look is perfect for those who want to add dimension to their hair without committing to a new color or style. Highlights will also make your hair look fuller and shinier, so they're worth trying out if you’re considering a change but don't know what to do.

Product To Try: Manic – Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color, $18

Closing Thoughts

It looks like 2023 will be an exciting year for hairstyle trends, especially if you appreciate a subtle change or are tired of making loud statements with your hair and want to get back to a classic and timeless look.

Subtle, natural-looking hair seems to be the way to go this year, so take some time to think about what would make you look and feel your best, and don't be afraid to experiment with something new.

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