27 Quirky Compromises Our Married Readers Have Made For Marital Bliss

What’s the old saying? “Marriage is a compromise.” And it truly is. Anyone who wishes to grow old with their husband knows just how much we have to give and take.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner2 min read
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So we asked Evie’s readers what kind of compromises they make to ensure their marriage remains harmonious. Some of the responses are hilarious, and way too many of them center around laundry and cleaning, but that’s marriage. 

Our Reader’s Marital Compromises

“Yes he sets 10 alarms and doesn't get up till the last one. But it also helps you get up.”

“No white sheets on the bed. No white comforter. No white anything soft.”

“He has to take the trash out. That’s men’s work. I’ll clean everything else, even scrub the floors with a toothbrush, but he better get the trash out.” 

“A special 'not clean/not dirty' laundry basket for my husband to use (rather than the floor next to his side of the bed). I’m ashamed to say it took like five years of marriage before I thought of this solution.”

“He leaves water glasses ALL OVER. So we own an unnecessary number of glasses.” 

“Burping at the table, or anywhere actually…”

“‘We’ have two 3D printers in our house, and I am constantly stepping on little plastic bits.”

“Three hampers in bedroom/master bath (one for each of us and one in the bathroom to avoid the inevitable bathroom pile).” 

“Leaving large dirty tupperwares in the fridge until they're actually ready to wash.”

“Allowing my husband to be messy.”

“Letting him keep his 'not clean/not dirty' clothes on the side of the bed.”

“I can't tuck in the top sheet on his half of the bed.” 

“That nothing in the kitchen will be put away. I must do it if it is to be done.” 

“Give him time alone, so I take a bath.”

“When he helps with laundry, it's not how I'd do it, but I'd rather encourage him than 'fix' him.” 

“Separate blankets and no flat sheet on the bed!”

“Kitchen dishrags. Hubby thinks they are disgusting. So we mostly use paper towels to clean the counter.”

“My husband insists on using Dawn dish soap for body wash. I gave up trying to change it.”

“Not always having 'vanilla' sex.”

“Having pickled baloney in the fridge.”

“Not brushing my teeth in front of my hubby...the sound drives him crazy.” 


“My hubs likes my hair long, but it's so much work! So sometimes he helps me wash it.” 

“Different laundry detergents – scented for me, free and clear for him.” 

“I have to be physically present the whole time my husband is putting anything together or fixing it.” 

“Keeping onions and garlic out of cooking. Compromise: if I do cook with it, he fixes his own dinner.”

“My husband has worn socks for 27 years because I hate feet! He's a good man!”

Closing Thoughts

Happily ever after includes laundry and a whole world of sometimes ridiculous compromises. These compromises may not make it to the storybooks, but they’re little necessary aspects of everyday life. And as they say, “It’s the little things.”