Andrew Tate Accused Of Being Gay For Saying He'd Have Sex With A Transwoman Over A Biological Woman In Resurfaced Video

Andrew Tate is being accused of being a homosexual on Twitter. The social media personality was recorded on video saying he'd choose to have sex with a more feminine transwoman over a biological woman that looks like a man.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Andrew Tate

*This article is intended for readers 18 years old and older."

Influencer and social media personality Andrew Tate is called a homosexual for stating he'd choose to have sex with a transwoman over a man. Tate, who often "teaches" men about masculinity and how to manipulate women, seems to be joking in the resurfaced clip – but others are not so convinced.

"Listen, I recently posted a question on Twitter asking, 'would you rather have sex with a transexual, which is a legitimate 10, or woman, which is a legitimate one?'" Tate explains. "And everyone is sittin' there clicking woman, woman, woman 'cuz they think they're gonna be gay if they do anything else, but they're not actually thinking about the question. I am so smart, I operate on so many levels higher than the average man."

He continues, "When I say a one and a ten, I mean Megan Fox with a d*ck – that's the tranny. Or Hulk Hogan with a p*ssy – that's the girl. This is the question I'm asking. Megan Fox or Hulk Hogan?"

"If it's Megan Fox, okay he's got a d*ck, but maybe you can, like, scoot it out the way."

Tate later asks, "What is straight, what is gay?" The influencer concludes, "If you're gonna sit here and go 'no, no it's gay to bang Megan Fox with a d*ck,' I'd counter that argument. It's gay to bang Hulk Hogan with a p*ssy."

"Tate is actually trying to convince heterosexual men to choose trans c*ck over sleeping with a bio-female," writes @ladykennington. "Read that again. Men, please explain to me why this is someone you idolize."

"Andrew tate is gay," tweets @toothfaiiry786. "andrew tate is obviously gay how can people not see this," adds @eigenrobot.

"Andrew Tate is a raging homosexual," says @ThomoftheNorth. "Can’t say I’m surprised."

While Tate has not addressed these allegations, he has taken to Twitter to comment on the cancer rumors he faced this past week. Users online thought Tate had lung cancer based on his recently leaked medical documents. But according to the media personality, he's actually doing well, despite being in jail. "I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage," he tweeted. "In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete. There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. True warriors are scarred both inside and out."

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