Andrew Tate Has Lung Cancer, Alleged Friend And Manager Sartorial Shooter Claims

Media personality Andrew Tate has lung cancer, according to his alleged friend and manager, Sartorial Shooter.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Andrew Tate

Update 3/5/2023: Andrew Tate has finally addressed the rumors on Twitter, stating he does not have cancer. "I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage," he wrote. "In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. True warriors are scarred both inside and out."

Recently, media personality and millionaire Andrew Tate demanded to be released from prison, and he revealed he was struggling with a "serious health condition." The influencer was detained by Romanian officials in late December and was accused of human trafficking.

Rumors circulated the internet when Spynews revealed Tate's alleged medical reports that claimed he got a CT scan in Dubai in December. Tate is apparently receiving treatment in Romania for his condition after his arrest, but his spokesperson told DailyMail his "chosen medical team" is located in Dubai.

Doctors in Dubai and Romania stated in medical documents that he has a lesion in his upper right lung. Health officials said that it could be a sign of cancer. His spokesman informed MailOnline, "Tate has a dark spot on his lung, most likely a tumor."

Sartorial Shooter, said to be Tate's manager, recently addressed the lung cancer rumors. The screenshots read, "Ok a lot of people are asking me if Tate lung cancer story is true," his manager wrote on Instagram. He continued, "Yes it's true, I was the one driving with him to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I don't have any more specifics to share."