Andrew Tate Was Allegedly Framed By 2 Women Who Infiltrated His Life And Pretended Like They Loved Him, According To New Wiretaps

The controversial social media personality Andrew Tate was carted off by Romanian police in December 2022 and accused of sex trafficking and organized crime. However, new wiretaps show that 2 women framed him and his brother Tristan Tate after infiltrating their lives and involving the embassy.

By Zoey Carter3 min read
Andrew Tate

He's known for his unfiltered criticism of feminism, the Covid pandemic, and the mainstream media, but as Andrew Tate's popularity skyrocketed, the hatred of him also heavily increased. He has become one of the most disliked men on the internet while also maintaining a large group of loyal followers who will support him no matter what. After getting into a social media fight with climate change activist Greta Thunberg, Andrew and his brother Tristan were promptly arrested by Romanian authorities and accused of sex trafficking, organized crime, and rape. On December 29, 2022, the Tates' house was raided after a warrant was issued by the Romanian agency Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). They have been detained ever since, but new wiretaps allege that the Tates were actually framed and remain completely innocent.

Andrew Tate Was Allegedly Framed by 2 Women Who Infiltrated His Life and Claimed They Loved Him, According to New Wiretaps

There has been much speculation about Tate's alleged crimes. He has been open about his past business of operating webcams and managing various girls as they sold their bodies online, which makes him seem like the perfect candidate of someone who might be involved in trafficking. However, there are still many claims that he is innocent as there is no hard evidence to prove these allegations.

On Wednesday, several Twitter accounts shared recent revelations from wiretaps that indicate Tate may have been framed and that he is innocent of the crimes he's being accused of. Verified WhatsApp messages were leaked showing that two women who were closely involved in the Tates' lives planned the frame job from the very beginning. These women convinced Andrew and Tristan that they loved them and they were loyal, and yet in the meantime they involved the embassy shortly after arriving to their home and entering their lives.

Apparently, an American woman named Emma arrived in Romania on April 6, 2022 and called the US Embassy right away. WhatsApp messages show that Emma's mom said, "The whole American embassy is on alert Shame on you [sic]." Emma and another woman named Aliona wrote in messages that they tricked the Tate brothers into believing that they loved them.

"We've made the brothers believe we are in love," the message read. "They think we will run back."

Those same messages indicate that they had free will to leave whenever they wanted, which goes against the narrative that they were being held there against their will. Later, the girls texted back and forth about how they "practiced" and know how to act in order to convince the Tates that they are on their side. "Just play it cool," Aliona wrote. "Like you don't know anything. Play dumb." The other woman responded, "I'm going to pull some tears out. Good advice thank u babe [sic]."

The girls also messaged back and forth about what they could potentially do with the information they got from the inside of the Tates' home. "Let's email Netflix," Aliona wrote, and they also discussed reaching out to Hulu and Amazon Prime in order to make a movie about their experiences with the Tates.

Twitter user and investigative journalist @ShaykhSulaiman says he has "verified the authenticity of the messages," claiming they are indeed real. A former girlfriend of Andrew Tate's has also released a video talking about these two girls who tricked the Tates into thinking they were loyal to them.

There hasn't been any confirmation or statement from Romanian authorities on the latest developments of the charges brought against the Tates, but in the meantime this information has gone viral on Twitter and many people are expressing their disappointment and anger that Tate was framed by two women who infiltrated his life.

Someone on Tate's team has been tweeting from his Twitter account (@cobratate). On February 14, he tweeted, "There are two possible futures of the universe. One, they kill me. Two, I emerge as one of the most respected and influential men on the planet galvanized by false persecution. I ask my enemies to make a choice. I will stay awake tonight prepared for mortal combat. Send your best."

Tate has been able to receive emails while he is being held and it seems as though he is communicating with his team and giving them details about the cell he is being held in. "I found a 4 meter stretch of empty cell," @cobratate tweeted. His account also tweeted, "I can communicate and write to my students inside The Real World. I can positively influence the world. I can still change lives. I am locked in a cell, for now. But it could be worse. I exist falsely imprisoned with a smile."

It's unclear what exactly is going on with Tate's charges in Romania and nobody knows whether these wiretap revelations will have an impact on his case moving forward. His fans wait impatiently for the outcome while the many people who dislike him continue to rejoice that he is behind bars.