What Is The "Loverboy Method" That Andrew Tate Supposedly Used To Lure Women For Sex Trafficking, And Why Do People Think He's Guilty Of Using It?

What is the "loverboy method" that's been associated with Andrew Tate? The term was used to describe the millionaire's methods when Romanian outlets first reported on his alleged crimes. Here's how pimps use the tactic for sex trafficking.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
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Previously, Romanian news outlets reported on police finding women in Andrew Tate's residence, claiming they were being abused and held against their will. The way that he and his brother lured them, according to these women, is known as the "loverboy method." While this term may not be popular in America, it's known to be the single most commonly used tactic that sex traffickers use in places like Eastern Europe.

Each year, 250,000 people are trafficked into Europe – and 77% of the survivors that were encountered by one organization, Uncaged, were from Romania. And many of them were captured in the same manner. "When we hear their stories, we hear about traffickers using the Loverboy Method over and over again," writes Uncaged Founder Kim Westfall.

It's incredibly important for women everywhere to learn about this cruel tactic. After all, sex trafficking exists in every part of the world. 

What Is the Loverboy Method? 

The pimp, sex trafficker, or abuser typically targets vulnerable, poor, and young women. Their first step is to create a romantic relationship by seducing girls with kind gestures, promises, love bombing, gifts, and attention. They seem too good to be true, and these master manipulators will typically promise marriage, money, and housing. They assure their victims that they'll get a "better life." They are skillfully deceived for a long period of time, only to get sexually exploited and abused later on. 

Loverboys will try to blackmail and threaten their victims if they try to leave the relationship. Victims may also develop Stockholm syndrome in the long run, a coping mechanism where hostages develop positive feelings toward their captors. This could be a reason why some of them defend their abusers – many victims will believe they’re in a positive relationship with their pimp instead of realizing they’re being used. 

One pimp named Matthew Deiaco faced 19 charges, including human trafficking and assault, and he opened up in the past about how he was able to traffic women. The manipulation begins at the boyfriend stage, and the "girlfriends" he chose were often vulnerable. "Most of these girls, like I said, they're broken. It's not hard; you just gotta answer their call," Deiaco explained. "You get in there, you find the crack; like some are drugs, some are just, they need to hear 'I love you.'" The perpetrator then added that his words and actions were an illusion because "there is no love in the sex."

The next stage is the "sale," which is when the pimp manipulates their victim into believing that prostitution is the easiest and best way for them to make money. Deiaco said he would also offer protection and security, pay their rent, and buy them food. His victims were willing to do his bidding for two reasons. One, they were convinced that they loved – and were loved by – their pimp. Lastly, they were cut off from the world, leaving them with only their abuser to become dependent on.

Why People Believe Andrew Tate Used the Loverboy Method

Besides the fact that the police found women who claimed Tate used the infamous tactic to lure them, he's actually discussed manipulating women in the past. On his website, Tate discussed getting women to "fall in love" with him to the point where they would do anything for him. His “girlfriends” began working for him by becoming sex cammers. "I've been running a webcam studio for nearly a decade,” he wrote on his archived site. “I've had over 75 girls work for me, and my business model is different than 99% of webcam studio owners. Over 50% of my employees were actually my girlfriends at the time and, of all my girlfriends, NONE were in the adult entertainment industry before they met me." 

"My job was to meet a girl, go on a few dates, sleep with her, test if she's quality, get her to fall in love with me to where she'd do anything I say, and then get her on webcam so we could become rich together," he said.

Tate continued, "Whether you agree or disagree with what I did with their loyalty, submission, and love for me doesn't matter. You cannot reject the results, and the results are simple. My girlfriends would do more for me than 99.9% of men's wives would do for them."

He then described his "dating process": "I learned the most time efficient way to meet girls, get them through the dating process, get them to bed, test if they're a good girl or not, and begin the process of them falling deeper and deeper into love. THAT IS MY SKILL. To extremely efficiently get women in love with me." Similar to Deiaco, Tate would romance women to manipulate them into prostitution.

Closing Thoughts

Love him or hate him, regardless of Tate’s truth bombs on “the matrix” and “masculinity,” one thing is for certain – he preys on broken and poor girls to use them, an act that is far from the virtues of true masculinity. 

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