Alfie Vs. Gabriel In ‘Emily In Paris’: Who Would Be The Better Husband?

By Meghan Dillon
·  5 min read
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“Emily in Paris” has everything: fashion, Paris, romance, French food, and a love triangle that doesn’t include vampires or werewolves (yes, it’s possible).

Though we’re not rushing to Hot Topic to get our Team Gabriel or Team Alfie shirts like we did with Twilight, we can’t help but feel a need to pick a side. Here’s an overview of Gabriel and Alfie and who would make a better husband for Emily.

Gabriel: Pros and Cons

In the first season of Emily in Paris, Gabriel was the best guy in the bunch. Despite his flaws (don’t worry, we will discuss those), he was the only guy who genuinely cared about Emily and expressed interest in learning about who she was as a person instead of as a sexual conquest (the bar was low in the first season). He’s also a good friend to her, and we can’t deny their insane romantic and sexual chemistry because you can cut that tension with a knife. Aside from their relationship, he’s a hardworking and passionate man who cares about his family (how cute was his grandmother?), which is a major plus when it comes to looking for a husband.

Though Gabriel isn’t a bad guy, there are two giant red flags that we can’t ignore. The first is that he failed to mention to Emily that he had a girlfriend in the first season while he was actively flirting with her, and the second is that he cheated on Camille with Emily at the end of the first season. Though nobody on the show is perfect (as nobody is perfect in real life), this says a lot about Gabriel’s integrity and trustworthiness as a boyfriend or husband.

Does Gabriel care for Emily? Yes, but his actions speak louder than words and can possibly speak to how he’ll behave when things get tough (and they will) later on in their relationship. Despite all of his redeeming qualities (and being so so so handsome), we can’t get over the fact that he’s both dishonest and disloyal, two qualities that are horrible for a husband (and, really, just in general). Though we believe people can change, this cancels out many of the pros.

Not to mention that... spoiler alert: Gabriel now has a baby on the way with Camille. That would certainly only complicate his relationship with Emily should they choose to proceed.

Alfie: Pros and Cons

Not only is Alfie handsome, but he’s also loyal to Emily. He’s never made her insecure or tried to make her jealous, proving that he’s both mature and confident in himself. When we first meet him in the second season, he doesn’t believe the hype over the romance of Paris, making Emily want to prove him wrong. Together, Emily and Alfie balance each other out, with Emily as the dreamer and Alfie as the realist. They’re not exactly opposites, but their energies are complementary, making them a great match because they motivate each other to be their best selves.

Though he was apprehensive about telling his family about Emily and making their relationship official on social media, the two were able to work it out by discussing the difficulties Alfie has had in past relationships. This is proof that Alfie is not only looking for the real thing, but is a good communicator and is willing to work through problems, a huge plus in a husband.

Though Gabriel can make Emily laugh, nobody makes her smile and laugh as much as Alfie. We all know how important a sense of humor is in a relationship, and we can see Alfie making Emily laugh for years to come.

What about the downsides of Alfie? The truth is that he doesn’t have the same romantic and sexual chemistry with Emily as she does with Gabriel. The good news is that this can change with time, for an intense and mutual physical attraction (like the one Emily and Gabriel obviously have) fades with time, but love remains.

Lastly, after Emily had made the mistake of prioritizing her career over Alfie's going away party, he left to catch his plane abruptly breaking things off with her. Listen, we wouldn't recommend totally missing your boyfriend's party, but he could've given Emily more grace. She was obviously dealing with a lot at work (with the whole two-jobs-at-once thing) and had immediately apologized when she arrived. Yet, he was content to leave the country without so much as a quality conversation and didn't even tell her when he decided to move back. He has explicitly stated on multiple occasions that he did not come back to Paris for her, but instead for a job, and that she was merely a bonus. Is this how Alfie will handle disagreements in the future as a husband? Only time will tell.

The Verdict

Though we’d love to see it all like a romantic comedy with Gabriel chasing after Emily, it’s clear that even with Alfie's drawbacks, he is still the better choice for a husband. Emily is thinking with her heart with Alfie, and, um, not with her heart with Gabriel (we’re keeping it PG here). Gabriel is the sexy tortured soul with gorgeous eyes and a French accent, while Alfie is the hot, sensible, and safe guy. The bad boy (even if he has a heart of gold) is fun for a while, but the good guy is the one you want in your corner during tough times. He’s the one you want as the father of your children and to grow old with, and Alfie is that one.

Closing Thoughts

Like any good romantic dramedy, there’s a love triangle in Emily in Paris between Emily, Gabriel, and Alfie. Though it may seem romantic for her to end up with Gabriel, who has been there from the start, it’s clear that Alfie is a better choice as a husband. Alfie is not only loyal, but the perfect match for Emily.

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