14 Fun Hobbies To Try That Will Get You In Touch With Your Feminine Energy

In a fast-paced world, we all need a reason to slow down and tap into our feminine energy, an energy that’s creative, graceful, and life-giving.

By Molly Farinholt4 min read
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Hobbies are a perfect way to de-stress, have fun, and become a more dynamic person. As women, it’s important to find pastimes that balance the stressors that our hustle-based society places on us. 

Chinese philosophy identifies two complementary principles that are meant to work together to maintain harmony: yin and yang. Yin is the feminine quality, while yang is the masculine. When relating this idea to activities, it's said that yin activities nourish the body by working to slow down the nervous system so as to allow the body and mind to rest. Yin activities are less stimulating and taxing; they’re more peace-filled and life-giving. This is precisely in line with feminine nature, as we are made to create, to foster harmony, and to slow things down so everyone can appreciate the finer things in life. These 14 hobbies will leave you feeling refreshed and more feminine than ever. 


It's time to bring back the sewing circle. Spending an afternoon sipping tea or mimosas, chit-chatting with the ladies, and creating something beautiful? Sign me up. Sewing is a wonderfully feminine hobby in that it’s a method of creating something lovely in a way that simultaneously cultivates virtue and sharpens feminine attributes like patience, perseverance, attention to detail, and an eye for beauty. Snag a sewing machine at an estate sale, pick out your fabric, and enjoy learning how to make your own clothes or home decor. 


This one can be as involved or as laid back as you desire. Find a teacher or an art class or simply pick up some canvases and paints at Hobby Lobby and give it a go. You’ll fall in love with the calming effects of creating something beautiful through gentle brushstrokes. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you want a guided experience.


Women’s hands are beautiful in that they’re powerful, but their power is often found in their gentleness. Put your wonderfully feminine hands to work at the potter’s wheel. Your local shop likely offers classes and allows you to have access to a wheel and kiln. Enjoy the soothing process of shaping clay until you form something entirely new and elegant. 


Can you think of a more feminine way to exercise? The simultaneously graceful and powerful movements of ballet are a perfect way to both harness your feminine energy and tone up. Ballet also helps to improve posture, flexibility, and coordination. And you’ll look like art in motion while doing it (especially wearing a pretty ‘fit). What’s not to love? Check out your local dance academy for adult classes. It's never too late to learn this incredible art form! 


Pilates is a method of exercise that focuses on performing a series of controlled movements that improve muscle tone and increase stability and endurance. It was actually invented to help dancers prevent injury. While a gentler form of exercise, it works wonders to strengthen, tone, and build stamina. Like ballet, it helps improve posture, body awareness, balance, coordination, and flexibility. It won’t overstress your body and cause hormonal imbalances. Win, win, win. 


Yes, walking can absolutely be a hobby. It's a less intense form of exercise, but exercise nonetheless (and some may argue one of the best forms for women). Find beautiful places to walk (like nature trails or historic neighborhoods). Bring a friend, listen to a podcast, or simply enjoy the space to contemplate. You can even wear a super cute outfit and turn it into a "hot girl walk". Feminine to the max. 


Need we say it again? Women have the innate capability to create and nurture life! Gardening is so emblematic of that gift and is an incredible outlet for a woman who needs to unwind and loves to be outdoors. It gives the satisfaction of bringing something to fruition (literally) and beautifying a little piece of your world. Start small with pots or go big with raised beds. Plant wildflowers to fill your vases, a variety of vegetables to add to homemade dishes, and anything else that brings you joy. 

Floral Arrangement

Speaking of filling vases, working with flowers is an inherently feminine activity. Take a floral arrangement class at your local florist or get a book and learn as you go. You'll add touches of whimsy to your home and can even branch out to creating arrangements for weddings, galas, and more. Bouquets also make the loveliest gifts (and thoughtful gift-giving is certainly a feminine skill worth cultivating). 


Creating can be both beautiful and delicious. Baking is a highly therapeutic activity. Select a cookbook that catches your eye and a recipe that makes your mouth water. Put some tunes on in the background, light a candle or open your kitchen windows, tie on your favorite apron (the cutest feminine touch), and feel the stress fade away and your soul fill as you measure, sift, stir, and bake. 


There's really nothing more relaxing than curling up with your favorite blanket, a cup of tea, and a book. Reading allows you to physically relax while sending your mind on an adventure. With each page, you'll grow in knowledge and wisdom. That's a hobby worth devoting time to!


Mental stress can build up and suppress your feminine energy. Writing is a perfect avenue for unloading all of that stress, navigating thoughts and emotions, and expressing the songs your soul is singing. Put pen to paper and see where you end up. You can keep a private journal or endeavor to get your writings published. Either way, the very act of transferring your unspoken thoughts to written words can be extremely calming, restorative, and delightful.

Playing an Instrument 

Okay, all you Jane Austen fans, what’s one thing all well-educated Regency women have in common? They're musically inclined! Singing or playing an instrument is an extremely feminine pastime. Of course, not everyone is born with a fantastic singing voice, but anyone can learn to play an instrument. The discipline it takes to master an instrument aids in your growth as a woman who is a master of herself. So, get your piano tuned, find a teacher, and learn to bring beauty to the world through melodies your own hands can create. 

Candle Making

Love to fill your home with the cozy glow of candlelight and sweet scents but not into all of the toxins that come with the typical store-bought candles? Try making your own! It’s really quite simple. All you need to get started are some jars (or other glass vessels), wicks, wax, and essential oils. Melt, pour, and let it set. Give them as gifts, sell them at your local farmer’s market, or grace the mantles and tables of your house with your creations. 

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing and restoring furniture can be a great way to both unwind and decorate your home. Peruse thrift and antique stores (or your own home), select some pieces, and then go to work stripping, sanding, sealing, and painting or staining. You can give new life to furniture, a room, and a whole house! 

Closing Thoughts

Instead of filling your day with yang activities that ultimately leave you feeling tapped out, consider beginning one of these yin hobbies that will help you become a more radiant woman. 

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