25 Style Essentials To Make Your Hobbies More Feminine

Hot girl hobbies, but make ‘em high street. Whether you’re into yoga, tennis, or a good old-fashioned stroll around the block, doing your thing in style makes it that much more feminine and fun.

By Julie Drake3 min read
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You know those people who say you should get dressed every day, even if you’re just working from home? Well, much to the dismay of our #loungequeen alter ego, we happen to think they’re right. When you’re put together, you feel better, and when you feel better, you do life a little differently. You have a spring in your step and added confidence that isn't present when you roll up in sweats and whatever makeup is left over from the night before. Not that there’s anything wrong with going au naturale, or taking a day off from getting ready when you need one. But for the most part, it pays to be put together

And when your “put together” looks like a whimsical feminine fairytale? Even better. Feminine touches awaken your feminine energy, and feminine energy has a way of making everything more beautiful, more radiant, more whole. Feminine energy heals and transforms. Feminine energy uplifts and empowers. When a woman is embracing her feminine energy, she lifts everyone around her. And when you embody feminine energy stylistically, you attract more of it into your life.

The benefits of a feminine style glow-up apply not only to your life as a whole, but to your hobbies as well – especially the hot girl ones. Dancing, hiking, gardening, biking – you name it. All of the above are even more enjoyable when you feel like Taylor Hill in a cute matching set. And it really doesn’t take much, a little effort in the preparation department goes a long way toward looking and feeling your best while about your favorite business. Adding a feminine detail here and a girly accent there is usually all that’s required to embody your divine power and channel #goals status.

Which is why we’re bringing you all the girly style hacks. To make your hobbies more feminine and your energy peak goddess, here are some helpful essentials to add to the rotation.

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Matching Sets

Nothing says “she got it all” like a matching set. (Nor does anything take less mental energy, and we’re all about conservation around here.) Girly matching sets have to be one of the greatest innovations of the last decade, and considering the last decade also brought us LED masks and heatless curls, that’s saying something. We recommend a cute new workout set or two to get you motivated, even if the motivation is just showing off your cute new workout ‘fit. 

Wiskii Crisscross Bra, $62

Wiskii High-Waist Training Legging, $65

Airbrush Streamlined Bra Tank, $64

Alo Airbrush High Waist Bootcut Legging, $108

Astoria Luxe Blossom Sports Bra, $56

Astoria Luxe Blossom Legging, $73

Spiritual Gangster Serene Twist Back Top, $68

Spiritual Gangster Seamless Biker Short, $68

Playful Scrunchies

These aren’t your mother’s ‘80s scrunchies, though they’re just as useful. 2023 scrunchies are extra, and come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one with a pretty bow or very in vogue flower adornment, and it will give you the boost you need to go from blah to yah, and keep your hair out of your face while on the go.

Anthropologie Bow Scrunchie Set, $18

Petit Moments Rosette Hair Tie, $20

Emi Jay Camellia Scrunchie, $16

Free People Heart Dome Hair Tie, $20

Girly Details

Whether it’s a top with a ruffle strap or floral-print leggings, girly details are sometimes all you need to level up your activewear game. Embracing your soft side helps you feel more like your true self, and embody that babe as often as possible. And for girls on a lifelong mission to actualize as human powder puffs, this is important. When in doubt, don’t leave the frill out.

Spiritual Gangster Amor Crop Tank, $58

Beyond Yoga Softmark Caught In The Midi Legging, $110

Frankies Bikinis Swift Tennis Dress, $135

Halara Breezeful Corset Mini Dress, $50

Hot Girl Hat

Never underestimate the feminine mystique of a pretty girl in a plain old ball cap. Putting one on immediately transforms your energy from girl next door to potential double agent on a top secret mission – i.e. super duper sexy. Add a pair of mysterious sunnies, and the sky’s the limit for your spy chick alter ego. Adding a ball cap to any hot girl hobby is highly recommended. 

PacSun Sweetheart Club Hat, $24

‘47 NY Baseball Cap, $48

Anthropologie The Wanderlust Paris Baseball Cap, $42

Clare V. Oui Baseball Cap, $49

Something Twirly

If it twirls, it hot-girls. This is key. Whether you’re serving backhands, turning pirouettes, or cruising the walking path at the local park, donning something twirly is the fastest way to bring out your inner twirly-girl queen. Pleated mini tennis skirts or wispy wrap-around varieties complete the feminine fashion domination. 

Nike Pleated Tennis Skirt, $75

Beach Riot Bernadette Skirt, $78

Nigel Preston 5 Ways Ballerina Skirt, $312

Abercrombie & Fitch YBP SculptLUX Mini Dress, $80

Free People Good Karma Dress Set, $148

Dainty Jewelry

Most jewelry has a knack for getting in the way when you’re doing anything that requires a lot of energy. Unless the jewelry is super dainty and keeps a low profile (which happens to be how we think jewelry should behave most of the time, anyway). Including a dainty gold choker or tiny opal earrings to your favorite pastime ‘fit adds just the right amount of shimmer and shine – without endangering any limbs or passersby. Safety first, ladies.

Anthropologie Pave Monogram Pendant Pearl Necklace, $48

Anthropologie Shell and Drippy Pearl Earrings, $54

Bracha Butterfly Effect Necklace, $42

Petit Moments Stacker Thin Rings, $40

Closing Thoughts

Making your hobbies more feminine with perfectly girly touches not only brings you joy, but will likely light up whatever room you inhabit as well. Bringing more feminine energy into a space has a measurable effect on morale and gives other women permission to more ardently embody their own inner goddess. After all, as the queen of fashion Coco Chanel herself said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” And if what is happening looks like a cupcake and a rose bush had a baby, and that baby is winning 40-love, you’re probably doing it right. 

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