All The Ballet Inspired Feminine Fitness Outfits We Want For Our Next Workout

By Nicole Andre
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All The Ballet Inspired Feminine Fitness Outfits We Want For Our Next Workout

All The Ballet Inspired Feminine Fitness Outfits We Want For Our Next Workout

What woman doesn’t want to look like a gorgeous ballerina when she’s working out? Here’s what to wear so that you can.

If you’re tired of your workout clothes and everything you look at in stores just feels drab, it might be time to pick up some ballet and dance inspired workout gear. The feminine cuts and colors are sure to be a confidence boost! Plus, if you love your workout outfit, you’re more likely to actually want to work out just so you get a chance to wear your outfit. You know what they say, dress for success. 

I’ve done ballet my whole life, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel wearing my ballet clothes than I do in normal workout outfits. I swear I move more gracefully by just putting them on. I probably even stand taller!

Ballet is a very feminine practice, so it should come as no surprise that the ballet attire is very feminine. And okay, sure, you might not be able to get away with wearing a bedazzled leotard and a tutu like a prima ballerina, but there are so many aspects of what ballerinas wear that lend themselves really well to your workout uniform. Just don’t be surprised if some of these pieces have you signing up for barre and dance cardio!

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yumiko colorful leotard

Yumiko Anna Leotard

I had to start off with the obvious, try out a leotard. Now I know what you’re thinking, that would look really weird, everyone would look at me funny. Not at all! The idea isn’t to be standing in the middle of the gym in just your leotard. You can easily put shorts, leggings, or joggers over it. And then it’s the tank top that won’t ride up! (#LifeHack)

I personally wear a leotard from Yumiko and really recommend the brand. They’re customizable, so you can choose a shape that works best for your body type and a color combination that you love. Plus, they’re great quality! (Girl to girl, they’re the first leotard I don’t have to wear a bra with. The built-in bust panel was just that good. Totally worth the extra $11!)

Buy Now - Starts at $66
yumiko ballet wrap sweater top

Alo Yoga Luxe Long Sleeve Crop

The go-to cover-up for most women is a hoodie, and while I love a hoodie as much as the next girl, a wrap is definitely the more ballerina-esque way to go and will make you feel super chic and graceful on your grocery run after your workout class. It’s also perfect for keeping you warm on your non-cardio days when just a tank top can feel a bit chilly.

Buy Now - $68
alo yoga ballet wrap with tie in front

Alo Yoga Barre Long Sleeve Wrap

I also love this wrap from Alo Yoga. The tie makes it super traditional, and it’s something every little girl taking ballet class all the way up to the pros will have a version of.

Buy Now - $68
legwarmers openheel pink

Toesox Open Heel Leg Warmer

Staying warm is super important for ballet dancers to avoid injury, and spoiler alert, it’s super important for whenever you exercise too. Legwarmers are a great way to do this and really easy to remove once you’ve got your muscles warmed up. They’re a winter workout must!

Buy Now - $22
light pink athletic leggings outdoor voices

Outdoor Voices Core ⅞ Legging

Stay ballet-themed by choosing workout gear in a soft color, like these super sweet pink leggings.

Buy Now - $88
lululemon pink leggings

Lululemon Align Pant 25”

If you’re a loyal Lululemon girl, the color “Feather Pink” is going to be your best friend.

Buy Now - $79
free people pink bodysuit

Free People Good Karma Onesie

A bodysuit is basically the longer version of the leotard, which makes it the perfect ballet-inspired piece for you to wear to the gym. It’s your top and leggings all in one. Throw on a crewneck sweatshirt and some sneakers, and your gym-to-brunch look is complete.

Buy Now - $98
barre nonslip sock ballet shoe inspired

Barre Socks That Look Like Ballet Shoes

If you do barre, you already know that non-slip socks are a must. But what about non-slip socks inspired by ballet shoes? These are basically the flat ballet shoes I wear to class but in sock form, which sounds totally amazing. 

Buy Now - $24
pink sweater shorts

KD New York Pink Sweater Shorts

These are a classic in any barre room. Not only are they super soft and cozy, but they also give you great range of motion for stretching. Plus, no elastic waistband that cuts into your waist the whole time.

Buy Now - $48
long sleeve black leotard discount dance

Bloch Adult ¾ Sleeve V-Front Black Leotard

I mentioned a colorful leotard earlier, but if you’re someone who likes to keep things more neutral, then a black leotard is the way to go. And it’s actually what most ballerinas wear since studio classes often have a requirement that it be a black leotard. 

Buy Now - $27

KD New York Ballerina Sweater Top

We don't usually think of classic knitted fabrics for the gym, but they're actually perfect for warm-ups or barre classes. Sweaters keep your muscles warm while you stretch, which helps prevent injury! Look beautiful, feel better.

Buy Now - $52
uggs mini bow amazon

Ugg Mini Bailey Bow II

Because feet are such an important part of ballet, ballerinas make sure to keep their feet warm. So something like this cute pair of Ugg booties is perfect for having on before your workout class to get your feet warmed up. 

Buy Now - $160
ballet booties

Russian Pointe Women’s Sparkling Dance Warm-Up Boots

Or, if you want to get super legit, you can get the booties a ballerina would actually wear.

Buy Now - $42
scrunchie pack pink brown


Ballerinas are always throwing on little hair accessories to jazz up their bun. So whether you’re wearing a ponytail or decide to do a ballet-inspired bun for the gym, a scrunchie is a great way to secure it. Plus it’ll prevent breakage!

Buy Now - $12
zip up fitted jacket lululemon

Lululemon Define Fitted Zip-Up Jacket

Ballet and figure skating have quite a bit in common, and this is an item you’ll see both of these athletes wearing. It’s great for keeping you warm and won’t totally disguise your figure the way a big hoodie (as comfy as they are) would. The tighter fit is also good for keeping your eye on your form when you workout.

Buy Now - $118
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