10 Style Hacks From Our Favorite French Influencers

From the timeless staples to the quality over quantity approach, French style has had our hearts since we can remember.

By Anna Livia Brady3 min read
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But embracing the je ne sais quoi aesthetic of Parisian gals like Jeanne Damas can be intimidating without a few pointers. Here are 10 style hacks from our favorite French influencers. 

1. Jeanne Damas: Sundresses Are Wardrobe Staples 

We’re thrilled to see that dresses are everywhere these days. After all, what’s better than throwing on a single piece of clothing and looking like a million bucks? And when it comes to looking for timeless pieces that’ll flatter any figure, Jeanne Damas is our muse.

The best part about sundresses? They’re sexy without being trashy. Throw a straw handbag and some cute pumps into the mix and Voila! You’re ready for your coffee date. 

2. Anne Laure Mais Moureau: Layer with Oversized Menswear

Layering has always been a staple in French women’s wardrobes. And lucky for us, Anne Laure Mais Moureau has proven with each post that you don’t need a perfectly made-to-measure piece to rock a chic look. 

If anything, with the rise in sustainability measures and thrifting, the oversized look is in! Follow the Parisian lead and layer an oversized button-down or blazer over a more fitted ensemble. 

3. Camille Charriere: Pair Masculine with Feminine 

Speaking of pairing, let’s take a cue from Camille Charriere. Camille has the look of a runway model but isn’t afraid to show her goofier side in YouTube videos. She loves authenticity and imperfection, and upon analyzing her style, we can see why! 

To keep your style current and balanced, pair every traditionally feminine item you wear (like a flowy dress) with a more masculine piece (like a moto jacket). 

4. Pia: Go with the Flow 

Style blogger Pia is a breath of fresh air on our IG feeds. Forgoing an elaborate made-up face for some soft red lips and signature specs, this 23-year-old is the embodiment of Parisian chic. 

If you look at her style, you’ll notice that there’s typically an air of mystery. French women often prefer flowing fabrics to tighter ones.

5. Hanna Lhoumeau: Chunky Shoes Are Your Friend 

The chunky sneaker and boot are making a massive comeback in French Couture as proved by influencers like Hanna Lhoumeau. And considering the continental approach to balancing smooth pieces with textured ones, this makes a lot of sense. 

To channel Hanna’s style, keep your eyes peeled for a pair of chunky Doc Martens, loafers, or white sneakers and wear them with some of your most feminine pieces. 

6. Leia Sfez: Straight Leg Jeans Are Incredible 

French women love their year-round staples. And lucky for us, bloggers like Leia Sfez show us how a simple item like straight-leg jeans can provide a base for countless ensembles. 

We may not have the same Chanel cardigan or cute baby boy to sport with our jeans, but adding a pair of sunnies and espadrilles will create an air of elegance and approachability. 

7. Lamia Lagha: Tastefully Embrace Print 

If you, like many of us, are slowly transforming your wardrobe into a #frenchgirlstyle oasis, you don’t have to trash those quirky prints just yet. Just take a cue from Lamia Lagha.

Lamia rocks items like zebra print dresses and retro quilted blazers, but she keeps it posh by sticking with one print as the focal point and pairing it with neutral items. 

8. Mathilde Lacombe: Monochrome Isn’t Bad Either 

While French ladies like Lamia like their patterned pieces, others prefer more neutral ensembles. Take mother of three Mathilde Lacombe, who keeps things mod with a low bun, white silk dress, and gold hoops. 

Mathilde favors a natural approach to life (she even founded a clean skincare company) and chooses pieces that compliment her active lifestyle. She’s living proof that embracing your most authentic self when dressing up is the way! 

9. Monica de La Villadire: Choose Authentically Unique Accessories 

Speaking of authenticity, let’s talk about accessories. For Frenchies (at least according to Pinterest), it’s all about spending time picking things out that look exactly like you, even if it means a few trips to the local flea market. 

Take Monica’s style from a few of her Instagram pictures. She seems to have an affinity for Western pieces like bandanas and denim-on-denim, but she still loves the simplicity of a silky scarf tying up her tousled hair. She knows what looks good on her and rocks it with confidence.

10. Sabina Socol: Embrace Vintage Pieces 

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – French women love their vintage pieces. Whether the vintage vibe is achieved by sporting an heirloom crucifix like Camille Charriere or touting a nostalgic handbag with ‘70s-style heels like Sabina Socol, a few years of wear never stop stylish women from rocking the classics. 

Perhaps this has something to do with their culturally shameless approach to aging. If your jeans are a few decades old, who cares? If you have a couple of crinkles by your eyes, so what? Every imperfection has a story, and it’s no fun to blindly chase after each fashion trend and lose your sense of individuality in the process. 

Closing Thoughts

Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress well and they remember the woman.” By taking a few hints from our favorite French influencers, we’re able to avoid the possibility of shabbiness entirely. Don’t surrender your individuality; instead, marry your unique sense of style in your favor. Style is a continuous journey of self-discovery. We might as well make the most of it! 

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