This Is Why Progressives Don't Want You To Watch Matt Walsh's "What Is A Woman?"

The Daily Wire premiered Matt Walsh's documentary for free on Twitter, but it was quickly censored—until Elon Musk stepped in. What is it about this movie that is so upsetting to progressives?

By Gina Florio4 min read
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Daily Wire/What Is A Woman?

On Thursday, conservative media company Daily Wire decided to premiere its popular documentary What Is a Woman? for free on Twitter. But it didn't exactly go according to plan. Matt Walsh, commentator and podcast host who was the mastermind behind this film, announced to his 1.9 million followers that, just hours after the movie was posted on the social media platform, nobody could retweet it and it wouldn't appear in anyone's feed.

"It has been flagged as hate speech," Walsh wrote. "It has been blacklisted from the trends list. It still has nearly 900 thousand views."

Other Daily Wire hosts, including Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens, tweeted in disbelief about the censorship that was happening on the very platform that was meant to be the champion of free speech. Elon Musk eventually responded and said that the issue would be fixed, but not everyone was pleased with what he said.

"Commenting & deliberate sharing will be allowed. Sensitive content just won’t be pushed to people unless they ask for it or a friend sends it to them," Musk tweeted.

"What specifically is sensitive about a 2 hour documentary that asks people 'what is a woman'?" Candace Owens responded. "Positively ludicrous to refer to this content as sensitive. People are sensitive. The content itself is not."

After many people wondered aloud who was really in charge at Twitter and why those people in power were working so hard to suppress this documentary, Musk fully stepped in to ensure that the movie was available for viewing, sharing, tweeting, etc. He even pinned the movie to the top of his page and quote tweeted, "Every parent should watch this."

Since Musk stepped in, it was reported that Twitter's head of Trust & Safety, Ella Irwin, left the company because it was allegedly her idea to label What Is a Woman? as "hateful content." Simultaneously, the documentary's views skyrocketed. It now has accrued more than 50 million views in less than 24 hours.

The Importance of What Is a Woman?

Commentator and podcast host Matt Walsh has spent the last couple of years questioning the motives of the trans agenda and pointing out how predatory the LGBT movement can be toward young people. When interacting with progressive activists on Twitter, he started asking a simple question: What is a woman? After all, we watched men like Lia Thomas and Bruce Jenner suddenly adopt a new gender identity, call themselves women, and even win women's awards. Surely that would mean that the mere definition of a woman would be expanded. But every time Walsh posed this question, he was met with vitriol or accusations of being a transphobe. It became abundantly clear that nobody in the trans community (and none of their so-called allies) was willing to have a productive conversation.

It's of the utmost importance to point out the fact that there is no need to ask the question, what is a man? Although we see trans-identified women in our society, they are not disrupting male spaces, taking men's awards, or breaking men's records. You also don't see the covers of men's magazines plastered with women who call themselves a trans man. And yet, everything from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to collegiate women's swimming to women's prisons is being infiltrated by trans-identified males. There is also a growing movement to replace words like breastfeeding with terms like chestfeeding in order to be more "inclusive" of people who identify as trans. Women are also reduced to being called "people with a uterus" or "birthers." It's rare (if not non-existent) to see this kind of language be applied to men. Matt identified this lopsided issue long ago, which is precisely why he chose to ask for the definition of a woman, not the definition of a man.

Women are being erased and diminished to make way for men to take roles that were once reserved for women.

What started as a funny question thrown at progressives on Twitter turned into a wildly successful documentary. The Daily Wire created this film to prove a few things, one of which is how much women are being erased and diminished to make way for men to take roles that were once reserved for women.

Why Progressives Don't Want You To See What Is a Woman?

Throughout the film, Matt Walsh speaks to a variety of people, including several medical experts, a woman who "medically transitioned" into a transgender man and later detransitioned, and a Canadian father who was jailed and fined for "misgendering" his daughter and refusing to allow her to enroll in hormone therapy. Many parts of the film are downright hilarious, such as a "non-binary" family therapist (a "gender-affirming" therapist, to be more specific) who insists we live in "gendered worlds" and encourages Walsh to really inquire whether he himself is, in fact, a woman. "Some women have penises, some men have vaginas," she says earnestly with a smile on her face. There was also a college professor who kept giving Walsh a circular definition of a woman: "a person who identifies as a woman."

You watch Walsh sit down with these kooky people and ask them basic questions that they can't answer. Each of them is more hilarious than the next because they each seem to be a parody of themselves. There's no Saturday Night Live skit in the last 10 years that could be nearly as funny as a social science professor getting offended and calling Matt Walsh transphobic because he says he's looking for "the truth." The brilliance of What Is a Woman? is that Walsh doesn't have to argue with any of these people or even disagree with them. He doesn't have to bring facts or data or statistics to prove how positively ridiculous they are. All he has to do is ask them questions, and they self-destruct into a pile of woke nonsense, proving how utterly braindead their beliefs are.

But even more importantly, Walsh sheds light on how children are being targeted with this new trans agenda. A psychiatrist argues with him about using a drug called Lupron on children, which is used to chemically castrate sex offenders. This blue-haired physician looks like she walked straight out of a women's march in the heart of San Francisco, and she calls Walsh "malignant and harmful" for asking why the same puberty blocker used on children is used to chemically castrate pedophiles. You also see an Ob-Gyn and sex-change surgeon named Marci Bowers, who calls himself a trans woman. He performs "gender-affirming" vaginoplasty, which is a procedure that creates a vagina and vulva from a penis for a male who believes he is a female. These doctors speak about the so-called care they give to trans patients, and the audience is confronted with the wretched butchery that both teenagers and adults are put through in the name of gender ideology.

It reveals how sinister and evil the transgender movement is—and how they are specifically targeting children.

Walsh also interviews a psychologist who gives some history on two important historical figures that played a crucial role in how we talk about gender ideology today: Alfred Kinsey and John Money. Kinsey was a sexologist who surveyed prison populations and sex offenders with the singular goal of trying to prove that all human beings had perverse sexual desires and that the only way to truly reach happiness was to act out on these perversions. He lied and claimed that his data was representative of the entire American population, and worse, he performed pedophilic sex experiments on children as young as 5 months old in order to track how many orgasms the child had.

Then there was John Money, the man who coined the terms gender identity and gender roles. He thought that all babies were gender neutral at birth. To prove this, he took two twin boys at 8 months old, one of whom survived a botched circumcision, and convinced their parents to allow him to "transition" Bruce, the boy whose penis was burnt off from the faulty machinery. And so Bruce grew up thinking he was a girl. Money even forced the twin boys to simulate sex acts on one another. Later, Bruce was told that he was originally born a boy, and he even went on Oprah in 2000 to discuss the intense trauma that ensued from what his parents and Money did to him. His twin brother died of an overdose, and soon after he also died of suicide. And yet Money's ideas were adopted by mainstream society.

This is why progressives don't want you to see this film. It not only pulls back the veil on how hilariously ridiculous these so-called experts are, but it also reveals how sinister and evil the transgender movement is—and how they are specifically targeting children. Matt Walsh has tweeted in the past that his film has been censored just about everywhere. Film critics won't even watch the movie and offer a review. The fact that Elon Musk fought for the movie to be viewed on Twitter says a lot about this platform and how it differs from any other social media site today. Musk was right. This documentary does need to be seen by parents. It's frightening that there are pediatricians and family therapists who are peddling gender theory ideology to the most vulnerable population. Children deserve innocence and youth, not having progressive values (that originated from pedophilic research) forced on them from a young age.

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