Dr. John Money, Father Of Gender Theory, Was A Pedophilia Apologist

Would it surprise you to know that the normalization of gender fluidity is rooted in the same ideology as Critical Race Theory? You won’t be surprised once you understand the whole story.

By S.G. Cheah4 min read
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Ellen Page, or Elliot Page, as she, I mean he, is known as today, recently came out as a transgendered man. While transgenderism itself isn’t a new phenomenon (numerous adults have undergone the transition to a different gender throughout history), what is new is the growing normalization of transgenderism among children in American society. 

Instinctually, you know that deep down, something about this growing phenomenon just seems wrong. Your instincts would be correct. It’s pointing you towards realizing that this is child sexual abuse. Your moral intuition is why you’re alarmed and disturbed at the sight of kids being encouraged to be transgendered. 

Exploiting Children’s Psychological Illness for Political Power

If a young girl suffers from anorexia and sees herself as an obese person in the mirror, we wouldn’t support her desire to undergo liposuction to remove her imaginary excess fat from her emaciated body. Yet if a young girl sees herself as a boy in the mirror, the proponents of gender politics have no issue with supporting her desire to surgically alter her body. Instead of waiting for their kids to reach adulthood before fundamentally altering their bodies, parents who buy into queer theory ideologies encourage their own children to undergo the transition process while they’re still minors.

Parents don’t support their child’s anorexia, so why should they support gender surgery?

Tragically, for the young people who were harmed by the gender transitioning process, the damage done to their bodies and psyche is long-lasting. Countless numbers of children later regretted this decision. The worst of these cases are the ones who were pressured by their own parents to continue their gender reassignment after they’ve changed their minds. You can read stories from some of the survivors who were harmed by this movement here.  

The History of Transgender Research by John Money

Long a dark secret of academia, Dr. John Money was an influential intellectual who pioneered the gender theories that are currently cited as the basis for identity politics. One example of Dr. Money’s research is the story of a child who was raised as a girl (even though he was born a male) under his instruction. Dr. Money theorized that “gender is just a social construct,” and if the boy’s parents raised him as a girl, he would grow up and be a normal, mentally healthy girl. 

The story didn’t end well for the child. The boy always thought he was a boy, even when he wore the dresses his parents bought him, until finally, the decades of abuse caught up and he committed suicide. Before identity politics took off in the culture, cross-dressing was traditionally known as a sexual fetish, so just imagine an innocent child made to cross-dress under the direction of an “expert.” The normalization of child sexual abuse is perhaps one of the best kept open secrets in the halls of academia.

A quick search on Dr. John Money will bring you to the Kinsey Institute, where he’s still celebrated as an important figure in advancing the study of sex and sexuality. The Kinsey Institute, named after Alfred Kinsey, produced papers and research that was fundamental in bringing forward the sexual revolution of the ‘60s and ‘70s, whereby all traditional sexual norms were toppled and replaced with the era of “free love.” 

Academia’s Long History of Promoting Sexual Abuse under the Guise of Science

The sexual revolution, which removed all sexual restraints, referred to Alfred Kinsey’s so-called research on human sexuality as its scientific guiding manual. 

In order to break all sexual taboos, Kinsey collected data from numerous pedophiles under the guise of scientific research. It was said that Dr. Kinsey continually encouraged these pedophiles to keep sexually abusing children for the sake of scientific research on human sexuality, which involves “child sexuality.” For example, scientists tracked and recorded the average stimulation time before climax of children as young as five months in Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior and the Human Male.

One of the pedophiles Kinsey corresponded with was even a Nazi officer, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, who raped and documented his victim’s reaction in order to help with the research. The only reason we were made aware of this pedophile’s correspondence with Kinsey was due to the murder investigation of a 10-year-old girl, whereby Interpol demanded that The Kinsey Institute release von Balluseck’s letters to the German investigators, which the Kinsey Institute refused. You can watch the horrifying story behind the Kinsey Report in this 1998 documentary from Britain’s Channel 4. 

But be forewarned, the documentary is extremely disturbing to watch. For example, one of the victims of Kinsey’s research described in detail how her own father, who worked to gather data for Dr. Kinsey, kept looking down at his watch as he regularly raped her because he was keeping track of the time it took for the young girl to reach orgasm. 

The Justification Behind Normalizing Sexual Crimes against Children

This is the dark history behind the sexual revolution, of which The Kinsey Reports served as the revolution’s guiding manual. I bet you’d be less surprised now to know how The Kinsey Institute, which produced The Kinsey Reports, also honors Dr. John Money as an important figure of “scientific research” on human sexuality. After all, Dr. John Money also defended pedophilia as just another part of human sexuality. 

Dr. John Money defended pedophilia as just another part of human sexuality. 

So how does the normalization of pedophilia through the sexual revolution relate to critical race theory? You can trace the roots of the sexual revolution to the French philosopher Michel Foucault, one of the most influential thinkers in the post-structuralist movement. Those who are familiar with academic trends will know that Foucault is one of the most beloved intellectuals of the American Left. His ideas set the stage for the Critical Theory craze which is taught in universities all over. 

Queer Theory’s Connection to Pedophilia

Critical Theory, as explained in a previous article about Critical Race Theory, is an ideology that seeks to upend and destroy normative institutions (a.k.a. normal behavior) in order to overthrow the traditional establishment which they view as “oppressive”. Queer Theory is an offshoot under the many branches of Critical Theory, and Michel Foucault is known as the Godfather of Queer Theory. 

Since the argument is that all traditional social norms have to be destroyed, Foucault argued in favor of pedophilia because the traditionally patriarchal society establishes oppressive sexual norms based upon heterosexual dominance. Therefore, children are able to give consent to sexual relations, and both children and pedophiles are only denied sexual experiences by the oppressive heterosexual oppressors. To get an idea of what Queer Theory prescribes, watch this short clip by author Derrick Jensen. Notice how at the end he points out how not a single queer theorist has gone on record against pedophilia. 

Derrick Jensen is a radical environmentalist who hates capitalism. He’s perhaps as far-left as they come. Yet, when Jensen made a statement that men are men and women are women due to the fact that biological sex exists, the gender politics activist set out to attack and destroy his career, just like how they set out to destroy the careers of those on the right who dare to speak up against the pro-transgender movement. 

Presenting Sexual Fetishes As a Fight for “Rights”

In fact, even public figures like J.K. Rowling, who had voiced her concern against the denial of biological sex, are viciously attacked and labeled as a hateful Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist bigot – a TERF. One of these so-called TERFs, Professor Shiela Jeffreys, mentioned something really poignant about the truth behind the pro-trans movement that more of us should consider. She said this is really a sexual fetish masquerading as a rights movement. 

Will pedophilia be the next sexual fetish masquerading as a rights movement?

It’s crazy to think that we have reached a point in society today where if you protest against the imposition of sexual fetishes on children, you’ll be painted as a hateful, intolerant bigot. From Foucault, to Kinsey, to Money, if you rally against robbing the innocence of children, these pro-pedophilia intellectuals will declare that you’re nothing but a repressive, conservative prude who’s afraid of exploring the vastness of human sexuality.

Closing Thoughts

Well, I don’t know about you, but yes, I am indeed afraid of exploring the vastness of human sexuality if it means also exploring “child sexuality”. And not only am I afraid, but I’m also appalled, revolted, and absolutely condemn the idea that children having sexual relations with adults is a thought that’s even worth exploring.