Activists Protest Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas' Participation In NCAA Championship And Chant "Save Women's Sports"

We've been watching on in horror as trans swimmer Lia Thomas breaks women's records and steals medals from hard-working female athletes.

By Gina Florio1 min read
Lia Thomas NCAA

Lia Thomas, formerly known as William Thomas who was ranked 462nd when he was swimming on the men's team, has been competing in the NCAA women's swimming and diving championships in Atlanta. He has already won the 500-yard freestyle race by five full seconds. As of this morning he took first place in the women's 200-yard freestyle preliminaries.

Activists Gather to Protest Lia Thomas' Participation

As we're watching so many female athletes' dreams being ripped away from them by a man, there are some women who refuse to stand by idly and let it happen. A group of women's rights protestors gathered outside the Georgia Tech athletic center to make it known that it's unfair and demeaning to even allow Lia Thomas to compete against women.

Reporter Savanah Hernandez spoke to several of the women on site. "I'm here protesting against the inclusion of biological males competing as females in women's sports," one protestor told Hernandez. "There are 16 women in there on that man's team that have asked us to come out, that have put out a letter and signed a letter anonymously saying they are so unhappy and they wish people would stand up. We're here for those women."

"Were here for the women that have been silenced, shunned, dehumanized, humiliated, and they aren't even allowed to complain about it," she continued.

According to Hernandez, a parent of one of the swimmers told her that the swimmers are prohibited from speaking about Lia Thomas to the media or even mention his name in the locker room.

Kellie-Jay Keen, head of the organization Standing for Women, told Fox News, "Women aren't considered full humans. We can't be – otherwise there wouldn't be an opportunity for men to compete in women's sports." 

"This is a male displacing women," Annabelle Rutledge, Concerned Women for America director, told Fox News. "The female who came in second today is the real winner." 

When Thomas, 22, took the podium to collect his first-place medal for the 500-yard freestyle, the crowd went quiet as his name was announced. Additionally, when Thomas was interviewed post-win, a woman in the crowd yelled, "He's a man!" She's not wrong.

Although there are protestors and audience members who clearly disagree with Thomas' presence in the NCAA championships, the charade continues and he will be competing in the 200-yard freestyle race tonight and the 100-yard freestyle this weekend.