Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas (Formerly 462th Ranked William Thomas) Takes The Gold In Ivy League Women's Championships By 7 Full Seconds

As if we needed yet another reminder that men are not women, trans swimmer Lia Thomas just dominated the Ivy League Women's Championships. He won the 500 free final by seven full seconds.

By Gina Florio2 min read
Lia Thomas swimmer

At this point it's impossible for anyone to take Lia Thomas seriously. This trans swimmer grabbed the country's attention when he left the Division I National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Penn team, where he competed against other men for three years, to grow his hair and take some testosterone blockers to be on the women's team. He has been breaking records ever since because, well, men are not women.

Lia Thomas Dominated the Ivy League Women's Championship

In the 2022 Ivy League Women's Championships, Lia Thomas dominated the 500 freestyle race and broke the Harvard pool record. He won by a full seven seconds. Anyone who is remotely athletic understands that winning by one full second is a huge feat, let alone seven. If you watch the footage, you can barely even see the women who are lagging way far behind him. They don't stand a chance against him. Because men are not women.

Lia Thomas, whose real name is William, took a huge lead in the second half of the race and finished in 4 minutes, 37.32 seconds, which is three seconds better than his personal best and three-tenths of a second faster than the pool record.

Apparently, there were multiple fans who cheered on Thomas as he crushed the women in the pool. It's pretty hard to believe that there are people out there who would support this kind of nonsense, just so they can virtue signal and say that they're a "trans ally."

This of course isn't the first time that Thomas has completely wrecked women's swim records and robbed young ladies of trophies. At University of Akron's Zippy International, Thomas completed the women's 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle with the fastest national time ever recorded. In the 500 race, he beat his teammate by more than 12 seconds. That's almost the full length of a pool. Later, in the 1650 freestyle, Thomas beat his female opponent by 38 seconds. You read that right. 38 seconds.

When are we going to just admit that William Thomas is trolling us? In fact, this could very well go down in history as the most successful troll that ever took place in civilized society. And yet thousands of woke idiots are cheering him on as if he is some kind of hero because he grew his hair out and took some testosterone blockers in order to sabotage women's swim meets. Don't forget that, in the midst of all this, he whips out his penis in the ladies' locker room and tells his female teammates that he's still attracted to women. This guy is living out a South Park episode and is probably having a field day doing it.