What Your Favorite American Girl Doll Says About You

American Girl dolls are a childhood staple of many millennial and older Gen Z women, and we all have a favorite.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read

What does your favorite historical doll say about you? The answer may (or may not) surprise you.

Kaya (1764)

You’re the girl who loves traveling and being out in the wilderness so much that you booked a last-minute trip to the Amalfi Coast because #yolo. Nashville for your bachelorette party? Too boring for your taste. You’re up for a hiking trip in Sedona. Though you’re all about being spontaneous, you don’t belittle others who are different from you.

You’re the epitome of a free spirit, but you hate being alone and love to surround yourself with a couple of close and loyal friends. You don’t tolerate anyone who is fake, which might make others perceive you as judgmental, but all you want out of life and friendships is authenticity.

Felicity (1774)

We’re not saying you’re a horse girl, but if anyone is a horse girl, it’s you. It doesn’t mean you're annoying about it, but you’re adventurous and a risk-taker. You’re a big fan of Yellowstone, and people assume you’re a Beth simply because you’re a woman, but you’re really a Rip because you’re all about loyalty to your friends and family.

When it comes to style, you fully embrace Lainey Wilson’s (who you adore because you’re a country girl at heart) bohemian hillbilly hippie aesthetic and have at least three pairs of cowboy boots in your closet. You’re the low-key yet fun friend that everyone loves and deserves, and you take great pride in being seen as a good friend.

Josephina (1824)

You’re all about living a healthy lifestyle and are obsessed with natural health and yoga, but you’re not afraid to let your hair down. You’re not only the life of every party, but your friends love to have you around because you’re a genuinely kind and caring person.

When you’re not working out or cooking your favorite organic meals, you can be found attending music festivals for the music (and some cocktails), and your outfits are cuter than any Instagram influencer could imagine. You’re also incredibly close with your family, but you’re known as the sassy one.

Kirsten (1854)

While all of us are obsessed with following the Ballerina Farm Instagram account, you love her because you’re actually living her life. You’re a homesteader and are obsessed with everything organic. You’re devoted to the cottagecore aesthetic, possibly making you the most fashionable woman to ever live on a farm.  

You take pride in being a hard worker (which you should), but you don’t take life too seriously. You love nothing more than making your friends and family laugh with your quirky sense of humor. When you’re not learning new braiding tutorials on TikTok, you’re scrolling through every baby animal account on Instagram.

Addy (1864)

You have a type A personality and take your education seriously, but you understand the importance of being humble and kind to others. You get along with nearly everyone you meet but refuse to let people walk all over you because you’ve learned the hard way that some people mistake kindness for weakness.

You’re as strong as you are emotionally intelligent and ambitious, making you a force to be reckoned with. You also stand strong in your beliefs and don’t care if that makes others perceive you as controversial, but you’ve still mastered the art of being liked by most people.

Samantha (1904)

Some call you basic, but it’s not your fault that so many of the fun things you like are popular. You love nothing more than winding down on weekends with friends by watching trashy reality shows and drinking wine, and you don’t care when others say it’s frivolous.

You have excellent taste in fashion (I don’t care which doll is your favorite, there’s no denying that Samantha is the most fashionable) and music, and are very likely a Swiftie. You also understand the importance of kindness, which motivates you to be your best self and to encourage others to do the same.

Kit (1934)

Not only are you the most creative person you know, but you understand the importance of hard work. You’re likely a daddy’s girl and know your worth when it comes to both friendships and relationships. Some perceive you as judgmental, but the truth is that you refuse to surround yourself with people who aren’t worth it.

Those who are lucky enough to know you appreciate your kind heart and sarcastic sense of humor. You also like to keep up with the news because you crave knowledge, but can spot fake news faster than you can spot a fake person.

Molly (1944)

Not only are you the fun and quirky one in your friend group, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. That being said, you’re also passionate about your professional life. You’ve perfected the art of a good work-life balance and can let your hair down when it’s appropriate, but you take pride in your work ethic.

You’re creative and know how to turn anyone’s frown upside down. You aren’t afraid to be brutally honest when necessary, making you the perfect friend to get advice from. Your drink of choice is anything with tequila, which almost always ends in a disaster, but you don’t care because you always get a funny story out of it.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’ve been a Samantha from day one or a Kit fan, your favorite American Girl doll can say a lot about you. Either way, American Girl dolls taught millions of young women about history, kindness, and creativity, and we can’t help but love them all for it.

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