If You're A Type-A Woman, Then You Need A Man Who Meets These Requirements

A Type-A woman won’t be well-matched with just anyone.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
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The process of finding our perfect match usually isn’t an easy one; in fact, experts say that finding the right guy for us can take up to 60 dates. It’s not hard to see why – so many things have to line up or complement each other: our values, our temperaments, our personalities, our desires.

And what makes it even more difficult to find the right match? Being a Type-A, driven, take-charge woman – the kind of woman who’s got it so together that we might assume she’s got oodles of men in line waiting for the chance to ask for her hand in marriage.

But, it actually turns out that highly successful, ambitious, Type-A women often have a more difficult time finding the right suitor, especially due to a natural desire to marry a man who’s more successful than we are, capable of taking care of us and our future children, should we desire a family.

If you’re a Type-A woman, it might feel disheartening to date around and continually come across guys who end up being less-than-ideal matches. So what exactly should the successful, ambitious, driven woman look for in a guy? What qualities should be at the top of our dating checklist?

He’s Bold and Decisive

Even the most motivated, decisive woman will wish her husband would take the lead sometimes, making choices so she doesn’t always have to, instead of always letting her be the initiator of all their life plans, big or small. A Type-A woman will thrive with a guy who’s both thoughtful in his choices and bold in his decisions, rather than with one who takes advantage of her go-getter temperament.

He Has a Plan for His Life

A woman with drive, determination, and resolve to do something with her life will desperately need a man who’s also got plans for himself in order for her to respect him and feel understood in her desire to accomplish. Otherwise, she’ll be left feeling like the only one who cares to make something of her life.

He Knows How To Stand His Ground

It’s necessary to cultivate the ability to relate to a myriad of people, each with totally different opinions and beliefs. We don’t ever want to be with the guy we’re worried will get into a fight everywhere we go; however, a Type-A woman will desire a man who isn’t afraid to respectfully disagree with people, stand his ground, and maintain his beliefs, even when it’s not popular.

He Pursues the Truth

We all love a man who considers other people’s feelings, acting with kindness and sensitivity in mind (nobody likes a callous bully). But the Type-A woman also deeply values the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable or could cause drama, so she’ll want a husband who’s in pursuit of it just as much as she is – a man whose thoughts and conclusions she knows were carefully considered, and therefore she can respect and glean wisdom from.

He’s Responsive and Listens

No one looks forward to being criticized. In fact, it’s in our nature to shy away from it, shut it down, or get defensive. But a self-possessed, driven woman will need a man who can take fair criticism without getting upset or deflecting, instead taking her concerns seriously and owning up to his mistakes without making excuses.

He Gives You the Attention You Deserve

We’re all guilty of picking up our phone and scrolling through social media as a force of habit, as if it’s muscle memory at this point. But the man who’s perfectly suited for a Type-A woman will also have a sense of when to put his phone down, offer his full attention, and listen to his wife, responding thoughtfully and undistractedly. 

He Always Prioritizes You and the Kids

A Type-A woman loves a man who can take charge too, who stands up for what he believes in and takes responsibility for himself, but most of all, she needs a husband whose focus will always center on prioritizing her and their children – even over his friends, job, or family of origin. She’ll need to know that she can count on her husband to match her devotion and vision for their family.

Closing Thoughts

A woman with motivation, vision, and drive will need a husband she can count on to make things happen, to follow through, to take ownership of his own life, and to prioritize their marriage and family. 

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