What Are The "Four Types Of Pretty" And Which One Are You? Here's The Viral TikTok Trend Explained

According to TikTok, there are "four types of pretty" – here's how to find out which one you are.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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While it's true that every girl is stunning in their own way, there are now different kinds of "pretty" that can describe someone's looks, and it's all thanks to social media!

TikTok is always coming up with creative ways to discuss beauty and other trending topics. This time, the concept of there being "four types of pretty" has gone viral on the platform, and it's pretty much what it sounds like. The four categories are known as natural, standard, model, and popular. To find out which one you are, let's check out the four different versions and what they mean.

Natural Pretty

Wear minimal makeup? Have nice, beautiful skin and naturally blushed cheeks? Perhaps your hair falls beautifully on your shoulders or back with little-to-no maintenance. If you can relate to all of these things, congrats. You're naturally pretty! If you don't know if you are but want to be considered as one, you can go for the clean girl aesthetics so the focus goes to your features instead of your makeup or wardrobe. Another way to achieve this goal is to start a skincare routine and minimize breakouts and blemishes.

Alicia Keys' bare, symmetrical face, amazing skin, and lovely smile all match the description of "natural pretty."

Examples: Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong'o, HoYeon Jong

Standard Pretty

Standard pretty is just another term for being conventionally attractive – according to some TikTokers. Basically, you meet society's "beauty standards," and you have the features the majority of people find attractive. This likely means having a full pout, gorgeous eyes, nice hair, and a healthy figure. If you're unsure if this is you, think about how people act around you. Do you get princess treatment? Do you receive lots of compliments? If so, you might just be standard pretty.

Halle Berry, for instance, with her famous bod and pretty face, is deemed attractive by many.

Examples: Kate Upton, Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu

Model Pretty

Have high, sharp cheekbones, an alluring stare, or look runway ready? That's "model pretty." You don't have to be slim or tall to fit this category. If you're easily photogenic or have sharp or unique features, you probably match the description. Another thing about model-pretty girls is they're effortlessly eye-catching, especially when they have unique characteristics, like thick brows, a mole, or a birthmark.

A great example is Cara Delevigne, with her striking blue eyes and bushy brows; or Kate Moss, with her famous and ethereal wide-set eyes and sharp facial structure.

Examples: Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid

Popular Pretty

Popular pretty isn't just about being hot or cute. It's all about makeup, clothes, and vibes. They have the energy of someone who stands out in the crowd with their "main character" syndrome. They seem like (or are) influencers and have their own style. In my opinion, anyone on this list can strive to be “popular pretty” anytime they want if they put in the effort!

Think Chloe Bailey or Megan Fox – they always attract people and seem magnetizing.

Examples: Megan Fox, Madison Beer, Chloe Bailey, Beyoncé

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