Why Do All The Boys Have A Crush On Sarah Cameron In "Outer Banks"?

From the handsome and adventurous John B to the rebellious and mysterious JJ, it’s hard not to love the characters in Netflix’s “Outer Banks.”

By Meghan Dillon2 min read
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Another fan favorite is Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), a teenage girl who goes from Kook (people from the rich side of the island) to Pogue (people from the working-class side of the island) after falling in love with John B. She’s the girl that everyone loves, but what is it really about her that makes all of the boys go crazy?

Mild spoilers ahead.

She’s Beautiful

Judging by the fact that Madelyn Cline, the actress who plays Sarah Cameron, has 15.6 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that she’s beautiful. Both Madelyn and Sarah perfectly rock the beachy girl-next-door look and know how to enhance their natural beauty in a way that looks effortless. She’s the type of beauty that makes everyone around her want to get to know her.

She’s Loyal and Kind

Though she’s dubbed the “Kook Princess” in the first season of Outer Banks, and many of the characters believe she’s a snob, it doesn’t take long for Sarah to prove them wrong. Regardless of her family’s social and economic status, she’s kind to everyone around her. She’s also incredibly loyal to everyone, from her little sister Wheezie to her friends. Despite a momentary lapse in judgment in the third season (let’s be real, everyone had at least one momentary lapse of judgment in the third season), she’s fiercely loyal to John B. She literally gave up her comfortable life to go on the run with him when he was falsely accused of murder. If that’s not a ride-or-die, we don’t know what is.

She’s Adventurous

Outer Banks is a show about adventure, so it only makes sense for all of the main characters to be adventurous. When we first meet Sarah, she’s intrigued by John B’s interest in learning more about an old painting in her house (that she doesn’t know has to do with a treasure … yet) and gladly tags along to use her dad’s status to help him out. This is when John B really starts to care for her because he realizes that she’s so much more than the spoiled rich girl he thought she was.

She’s Selective

Despite being the prettiest girl in town, Sarah doesn’t flirt with just anyone. She’s aware that she can have any guy she wants but is selective about who she spends her time with. She places a lot of value on romantic relationships and would rather be with one guy than hookup with every guy in town. Her choice to be selective not only shows her values, but it makes her more attractive to the guys around her.

She’s Confident

Though she wants those around her to know that she’s a good and caring person, she generally doesn’t care about what others think of her. She knows others judge her for abandoning her social status for going from full Kook to full Pogue, but she doesn’t let it bother her, which makes her attractive to many.

She’s Not Perfect

In the age of the “strong female lead” where her only personality trait is that she’s a woman with no flaws or weaknesses (*cough* Captain Marvel and Rey from the Star Wars sequel trilogy), it’s refreshing to see a character that embodies feminine strength. From the problems with her family to the ups and downs of her friendships and relationships, it’s safe to say that Sarah has been through a lot. These experiences have turned her into a tough cookie, but she’s still very feminine.

From the way she dresses to how she carries herself, she’s clearly a feminine woman, but she's also fully aware that she’s not perfect. She doesn’t pretend that she’s flawless; rather she recognizes that she has moments of weakness, but knows they don’t make her weak. Despite her struggles, she doesn’t buy into a victim mentality, which makes her a more pleasant person to be around and more attractive to the guys around her.

Closing Thoughts

It seems as though every guy is obsessed with Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s not only beautiful and kind, but displays characteristics of classic femininity that so many guys look for in a partner. She’s proof that you can be a strong female character and have a personality — and we love her for it!

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