We’re Obsessed With Kaia Gerber’s Supermodel Style

By Nicole Andre
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We’re Obsessed With Kaia Gerber’s Supermodel Style

Kaia Gerber, the supermodel daughter of Cindy Crawford, has an off-duty style worthy of the name, and we’re totally obsessed.

When Kaia Gerber first came onto the modeling scene at 13, a lot of people were skeptical. I mean, of course, she just got the gig because she was the daughter of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford. But as time has gone by, Kaia Gerber has proven her staying power and gained respect in the modeling industry for the work that she does. And with her perfect brunette brown crop, long legs, and pretty brown eyes, it’s not hard to see why she’s gone far. 

Gerber hasn’t shied away from the work, though she admitted that she jumped in and didn’t have the life experience she needed to be completely ready, sheepishly sharing how “when I started traveling alone, in Paris, my driver had to check me into my hotel room — I couldn’t even do it on my own.” But it seems she’s overcome that — during the autumn/winter 2020 season she walked a total of 24 shows, beginning with the Longchamp runway and ending with MiuMiu to close out the season.

This past week Kaia was the cover star for Vogue and had the honor of getting the cover profile interview that’s increasingly given to celebrities and less often to models like Gerber. You have to really stand out among the many, many models there are to get a profile feature from Vogue these days. And Gerber fits the bill. 

Kaia Gerber has a poise about her that feels beyond her just 19 years. She’s come far from her first trip to Paris and is finding her voice and taking on new challenges, having just been cast in the upcoming American Horror Story TV series to be produced by Ryan Murphy, a project Gerber is stoked to take on. 

When she isn’t busy working, Gerber loves to read. She’s taken it up as a way to further her learning after choosing a career path in modeling, rather than the more traditional college route she assumed she would take when she was growing up. In fact, she even runs a book club on Instagram where she hosts different authors and tackles different issues.

Gerber seems as though she’s thoughtful about everything she does, and her personal style is no different. She credits her mother as a major fashion influence in her life and the reason why she likes to stick to classics.


In her video for Vogue’s YouTube series “7 Days, 7 Looks,” Gerber shares her love for blazers, claiming that she doesn’t ever wear anything else (she later admits she does in fact wear other things). But it’s true, Gerber will often wear a blazer, the item I like to call a “style chameleon” as it can be casual, businesslike, or even the perfect cool choice for a date night. 

All Black

Crazy colors aren’t really Gerber’s thing. But a cool, all-black ensemble? Absolutely! Sometimes black can feel boring when you see it in stores, but I promise it’s always so chic. So if you’re someone who gravitates toward lots of color, try a darker, more muted palette for a Gerber-inspired change of pace. 

Classic Sunglasses

When she’s off duty you’d be hard-pressed to find Gerber without her signature shades. Her wardrobe hosts quite the collection, but her most loved pairs seem to be classic, ‘90s inspired sunglasses you’d just as easily find on her mama. 

Laidback Dress

Gerber’s style is a self-proclaimed, more androgynous look, though she boasts the eye for how to seamlessly blend feminine aspects into a menswear-inspired outfit. But you’ll also see her embracing her more feminine side with casual, floral printed dresses. Find one you love, and I promise it’ll be your new best friend. 

Simple Hair Accessories

With her shorter hair, Gerber has had to figure out how to keep from getting bored with the cropped style in the day-to-day. Baseball caps and claw clips are great ‘90s inspired hair accessories that work for long and short-haired girls alike. 

Simple Sweaters

Sometimes supermodel style is about not overthinking it. These ladies are busy like the rest of us (actually probably 10 times busier with all the traveling they do) and with how many extravagant looks they wear on set, off set a simple sweater is often totally perfect. 

Graphic T-Shirt

So far, most of Gerber’s style has been pretty free of statements. But one easy statement piece is the graphic t-shirt. For a casual look, wear a graphic t-shirt with a killer pair of jeans. 


Gerber counts boots as one of her favorite items to wear, and is even planning to wear the traditionally more fall and winter style shoe in the summer this year after not having the opportunity to wear a new pair she fell in love with because of the pandemic and lockdowns. 

Classic Coats

Gerber’s penchant for classic style isn’t just something she thought would sound good. It’s truly descriptive of how she dresses. And so a style staple for the supermodel on a chillier day is an unassuming coat she can throw over any outfit. 

Summer Cutoffs

You can’t wear coats all year long, so when the weather gets hot, the go-to outfit for Kaia on a casual day off is more than likely going to involve some sort of denim cutoffs. 

Leather Jacket

Now here’s a supermodel style staple that Geber’s mom Cindy Crawford would undoubtedly approve of. You’re sure to find this on the lists of items in articles comparing all the similar outfits the two have worn over the years. So if you don’t have a leather jacket, keep your eyes open for the perfect find. 

Closing Thoughts

Kaia Gerber has become a supermodel in her own right and has a sense of personal style that’s refreshingly classic and wearable. If you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe, you might want to start with a mood board of Kaia Gerber outfits because she has the neutral, versatile wardrobe down to a tee. 

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