Get Gigi Hadid’s Famous Model-Off-Duty Look

Gigi Hadid is the quintessential American supermodel. And she’s got the style to prove it.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Get Gigi Hadid’s Famous Model-Off-Duty Look

It’s hard to imagine today’s fashion landscape without Gigi Hadid. She’s one of the highest-paid models in the world, has walked in fashion shows from Ralph Lauren to Chanel to Victoria’s Secret, and has graced many covers of Vogue Magazine.

In fact, the supermodel is set to appear on the March cover of Vogue with a cover story that celebrates the new mother as she reflects on her birth experience, how she plans on raising her daughter, and how this new stage of her life will change the way that she continues her modeling career.

Let’s get into this ever-popular supermodel’s style so that you can recreate it!

Country Life Inspired

Especially these days when she’s on her family ranch in Bucks County, Pennsylvania rather than out and about in New York, Gigi’s style has taken on an equestrian vibe. With all the time she spends on her horse Cinnamon, you can bet that a lot of Gigi’s outfits include a good pair of jeans and riding boots.

Relaxed Knits

When Gigi isn’t working, her style is often more relaxed. Knit tops, hoodies, and cardigans are all basics that Gigi keeps in her wardrobe. They’re the perfect addition to your work from home wardrobe. Comfy and cute? Count me in!

And while you might think that the advice would be to stick to lots of neutral colors, Gigi isn’t afraid to wear more colorful sweaters. They’re fun! It’s less about following fashion rules and more about buying pieces you truly love and will actually wear.

Simple Button-Down

Gigi is definitely a fan of Ralph Lauren and will wear it both on and off set. Investing in high-quality basics like button-downs is always the way to go because they’ll last you forever and will be in style when that trendy new top no longer is. 

And the beauty of a button-down is that it can be dressed up or down. It works with jeans and sneakers, but add some nice black slacks and heels, and you’re ready for a more dressed-up look like, say, being photographed courtside at a basketball game. 

Loungewear Sets

Loungewear sets have been all the rage, and maybe it started with this beauty. If loungewear is a regular part of your wardrobe, take a few tips from Gigi on how you can elevate it. Choose a monochrome set rather than sweatpants and a t-shirt, wear chic sunglasses, and take a moment to do your hair because, even though hers is up in a pony, it still has her signature loose curls to make it a bit more polished.

Leather Is a Girl’s Best Friend

One model-off-duty MVP is the leather jacket. Her brown one softens the typical look and the longer cut helps elevate it. This is a staple to have in your wardrobe whether you layer it over a print ensemble and ankle boots like Gigi did or add it over a more casual outfit to give your look something a little more special. Keep in mind there are lots of really realistic leather options on the market to choose from!

Bring Back ‘90s Sunglasses

Gigi’s sunglasses of choice tend to be very ‘90s inspired. Think of that famous photo of Jennifer Anniston. Just by adding those glasses to your look, your outfit will already be more Gigi Hadid-inspired. (Not a fan? Check out our guide to the best sunglasses for your face shape!)

Denim in All Forms

The model-off-duty look is about not looking like you’re trying too hard, but wearing outfits that were thoughtfully picked out. Denim is a really laid-back material, but Gigi wears it in trendy cuts and unexpected ways so it’s no longer your basic jean jacket (which everyone should still have, by the way).

Oversized Coat

Freezing doesn’t look cute on anyone. Dress for the weather! Gigi’s preferred way of doing this is with oversized coats. One helpful piece of advice to keep in mind if you do like the oversized coat style is that a wrap coat that has a belt to help define the waist will be the most flattering silhouette.

A Gorgeous Going Out Look

Technically Gigi wore this dress for a photoshoot, but I had to include it because it just felt like the perfect model going out look. The long silk dress coupled with the black blazer is a really cool, yet classic look that any woman can rock, 5’10” or not.

Fun Sneakers

Gigi’s style definitely has an edge to it, and she likes to play around with bright, bold sneakers from time to time. But you’ll notice that when she does, she will either keep the rest of the outfit more minimal or have carefully coordinated the colors. So for those of us who don’t have a full look figured out, keeping the rest of the outfit basic is the easier option by far.

New Yorkers Love Black

Gigi might be from California, but like tons of other models and New Yorkers in general, a good portion of her wardrobe is black. 

Her talk show looks are a great example of why black is such a great choice for a night out. It’s simple, but still super chic.

Embrace Plaid

Gigi definitely isn’t afraid of print in general, but one of her favorites is a basic plaid. This is a classic print that’s so inoffensive that it’s almost a neutral. It’s a must for any woman to have in her wardrobe!

Closing Thoughts

We might not be able to magically make ourselves 5’10” and blonde, but we can certainly take a few style tips from Gigi. After being in the fashion world for so long, she knows a thing or two about putting together a good outfit. So start with the basics and then branch out!