Get Cindy Crawford’s ‘90s Supermodel Style

By Nicole Andre
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The famous ‘90s supermodel style has just as much allure today as ever. Who better to copy to achieve it than one of the OG supermodels herself, Cindy Crawford?

Cindy Crawford was one of a few supermodels who changed the modeling industry forever. Apple TV is releasing the docuseries “The Supermodels” to explore the way models like Crawford redefined what it meant to be a model. Crawford has expressed her excitement for the series, which will involve her and other supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

Crawford has always been seen as this picture of health, even making workout DVDs. Today, she’s a mom to her son Presley and her daughter Kaia (who is becoming something of a supermodel in her own right). 

It’s refreshing to see her and Rande Gerber’s 21-year long marriage.

Despite being one of the biggest supermodels of all time, it was never something that even crossed Crawford’s mind. As legend has it, high school-aged Crawford was pollinating corn in a local field in Illinois when a local newspaper photographer snapped the photo she would be discovered with. And as famous as she would become, appearing on the cover of Vogue and starring in the music video “Freedom!” by George Michael, Crawford always remained down to earth. She was once asked, “Who are you?” Her response: “I’m just a girl.”

That’s what it is, isn’t it? There’s a quiet, effortless look to the ‘90s supermodel that manages to be enchanting and relatable at the same time. Here’s how Crawford gets it.

The Perfect Dress

I think our modern world has forgotten the easiness of a lightweight dress. Yet, it adds so much femininity effortlessly. A dress like this could easily take you through your errands and out for dinner with your girlfriends all without changing. Add tights and a jacket or coat for warmth. 

Embrace All Black

I’m in love with this all-black look. There’s something very chic about the simplicity of a black outfit. Wear your hair big, your smile wide, and some gold hoops for an added feminine touch. 

A White Shirt Is Never Not Chic

A white shirt is considered a basic for a reason. Sometimes it’s better to not overthink it and just go simple. Fast fashion is full of tops in every pattern and cut you can imagine. The ‘90s supermodel fashion was the antidote to this. Cut the frills and go for a simple white shirt.

The Leather Jacket

This look is so easy to throw on. You can put a leather jacket over pretty much anything, and it will give it that cool-girl edge you’re looking for. Cindy still uses this trick a lot today, so it’s still very much in and will work whether you're in your 20s or in your 50s like Cindy is now!

If you tend to shy away from the edginess of a leather jacket, consider trying a leather jacket that’s in a brown tone to soften up the edginess a bit.

Classic, Solid Colors

When it’s not a fashion show or advertisement, Crawford mostly wears red, black, or white, and she usually goes for solid colors over patterns. It’s a really practical tip because it will make your wardrobe more versatile. 

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup was a ‘90s mainstay, and one that Crawford definitely stuck to. She never really had any crazy contouring. The look is about using natural and brown toned eyeshadows and lipstick. Her five beauty essentials today reflect her similar approach to makeup in the ‘90s.

Voluminous Hair

Who can forget Crawford’s famous Pepsi commercial? So make your blow dryer your best friend, grab your round brush, and, if you struggle to get volume in your hair, make sure to pick up a volumizing mousse. If you don’t have a lot of experience trying to get an at-home blowout, watch this tutorial.

Closing Thoughts

Getting Cindy Crawford’s ‘90s style is all about incorporating some basics into your wardrobe. It’s super versatile and chic at the same time. Stay away from trends, don’t think about it too much, and you’re golden.

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