Get Model Emily DiDonato’s Laid Back Style

Emily DiDonato has got that brunette, cool girl thing down. The famous American model and influencer is stunning, and — spoiler alert — she’s got great style too.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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Looking for a cool girl? Emily DiDonato is it. As one of America's top models, she has graced the covers of many of the different international Vogue Magazine branches and has been in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

She skis on the side, and she got married to her now-husband Kyle Peterson in 2018. DiDonato really seems to prove that you can have it all.

Her Struggles Fluctuating between Size 00 and Size 10

But if you look a little closer  — and DiDonato will be the first to share (in fact she regularly does on her YouTube channel) — that she’s had struggles of her own. She has openly shared about the struggles she had with her weight as a model and what it was like to fluctuate from a size 00 to a size 10 to today a size 6.

Her story resonates with other models like supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss, who commented in support of DiDonato on her video. And with how much the average woman stresses about her weight, it’s easy to see how hard that could be on someone facing pressure from her employers to look a certain way.

DiDonato continues to model, but now at a weight much healthier for her than the size she was first pushed into by a casting agent (who ironically would tell her she looked unhealthy after she lost the weight). And she now shares her experiences, as well as helpful beauty and fashion tips, on her YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in the effortless style of the brunette beauty, keep reading.

Monochromatic Outfit

We can get the impression that monochromatic outfits somehow require a lot of effort, but DiDonato’s paired-down take proves that doesn’t have to be the case. Pull all the basics you have in the one color, play around with it, and you’re bound to get a combination that works without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Simple Sweaters

Sweaters are definitely a wardrobe staple for DiDonato who really embraces casual style. They’re just as easy as a hoodie, but with all the polish that a hoodie lacks.

A Basic Blazer

Don’t overlook the power of the blazer. It’s actually a really common thing to see models wear a blazer as part of their off-duty style, so if that’s the look you’re going for, pick up one in a neutral color that’s super versatile and you’ll be set.

Baseball Caps

The classic ball cap doesn’t have to be reserved for just baseball games. It’s an easy way to add color to an outfit, hide a not-so-great hair day, or just plain accessorize.

Fuzzy Jackets

DiDonato really loves to wear teddy bear jackets! That’s one tip to pick up from her — if you like something run with it. She’s not afraid to re-wear the same one, but also has them in different colors.

The Power of a Puffer Jacket

DiDonato really focuses on building her style around basics. The puffer jacket makes a strong showing on her Instagram for versatility. A sweater underneath dresses it up while a hoodie dresses it down.

Classy Pajamas

Her chic pajamas make the case for trading out your big tee shirt in favor of something with a little more style. And the button-down style is especially classic. Audrey Hepburn would be proud!

Elevate Your Activewear

The matching gray color of her hoodie and leggings really elevates her activewear. Just by buying a matching set you’ll immediately look more put together.

Fiddler Cap Made Classic

I’m not normally one to follow trends, but the fiddler cap is one I can actually get behind. DiDonato wears hers often in the colder months. Even in plain black, it manages to make simple outfits a lot more interesting.

Signature Hoop Earrings

Every girl needs her signature pair of jewelry. DiDonato’s, you ask? Some simple hoops. Hers are on the small side, but if you wanted to amplify it for a night out, you could simply size up. Hoops are a girl’s best friend!

Natural Makeup

You hear people talk about a no-makeup makeup look and then proceed to do noticeable contouring. DiDonato’s actually is a natural look. Think BB cream, blush, lip balm, bright blush, and mascara. Boom you’re done! 

Barely There Waves

Her subtle waves are her signature. They’re easy and effortless and get more perfect by the day. Just add hairspray and dry shampoo when you need it. Touching up the curls and putting more heat on your hair aren’t necessary after all. Your healthy hair will thank you!

Closing Thoughts

DiDonato makes the case for embracing the easiness of personal style. She wears a lot of basics, knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to wear things again and again. Even though she is a model, her style is so attainable and workable for those of us who aren’t. I’m officially a fan!