USPS Driver Says 19 People Have Died On Her Route In Four Months, Chalks It Up To The Covid-19 Vaccine

A USPS driver says 19 people on her route have died in the last four months, and she believes it could be because of the Covid-19 vaccine.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read 49 1072

According to a USPS driver on TikTok, 19 people on her route have suddenly died in the last four months. The woman, Lauralai (@its_just_me_823), uploaded the video one day ago, garnering thousands of comments from TikTokers who believe the jab may be the reason for the rise in deaths.

Lauralai asks her audience if they remember the videos from the past couple of years claiming that people would start dying from the mRNA vaccines. She then reveals her shocking findings and chalks it up to the Covid jabs. "19 people have died on my route," she says. "19 people in the last four months. It's normal for one or two to go, and about a year period of time."

She explains that one or two deaths yearly at her workplace are normal. "But to have 19 people die on my route in the last four months... Maybe there's some truth to this, you guys. I don't know."

"What do you guys think? Because I'm freaking out. Some of my favorite people have died," the TikToker concludes. Her claims may seem like it should be a rare occurrence, but the comment section proves that it's more common than we think.

"I work for 911 in a rural community and one day alone I took 7 calls for stroke symptoms," writes @michele_erin69. "Seven!"

J9miss1980 adds, "My sister is also a letter carrier and she has said she can't believe how many of her favorite people have passed away in the past 6 months."

"When it [mRNA vaccine] first came out we lost 3 local nurses in their 40's. In 2 months. I have 3 friends with Bell's palsy and my friend died suddenly at 38," says @heatherbear865.

If hypothetically speaking, the Covid-19 vaccine did lead to millions of people's deaths, the CDC, mainstream news, and Big Pharma would never admit it. Thus, all we have are anecdotal evidence from people who are brave enough to share their heartbreaking experiences of losing their coworkers, friends, and family members. In 2021, a single father named Ernest Ramirez took his 16-year-old son to get his Pfizer vaccine. He died shortly after from fatal myocarditis and blood clots. A government agency tried to silence the father, but he's still active on social media to share his story.

This year, Covid vaccine death memorials sprung up all over Australia to bring awareness to those injured or "fallen" from the mRNA vaccines. The exhibits came shortly after Actuaries Institute in Australia found that 20,000 more Australians died in 2022, the highest recorded number of deaths since World War II. "We’re giving a voice to the silenced,” said a woman known as Lorraine. “There’s a lot of pain out there. These people are very grateful that we are now telling their story in a public way. We go to parks and erect these sticks which have stories with pictures on of each person’s injuries. The ones at the front are deaths, and we put a flower on each of the deaths, and we hold a minute’s silence as a sign of respect in the morning after we’ve set up display."

She continued, "What we want is for people to have their curiosity ignited and to walk in and explore and read the stories at their own leisure. We get lots of different reactions, some of them are very emotional. We’ve had people come in here and cry, we’ve had people come in here and say thank you.”

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