Single Father, Ernest Ramirez, Lost His Son After He Received The Pfizer Vaccine And Now Social Media Platforms Are Trying To Censor Him

In 2021, a single father named Ernest Ramirez took his 16-year-old son, Ernesto Ramirez Jr., to get the Pfizer vaccine. Unfortunately, Ramirez Jr. passed away just five days after receiving the shot. Now, Facebook has apparently locked out Ernest Ramirez, disabling him from posting about his son. 

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Ramirez Family

On “Propaganda Uncovered,” Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH states that the FDA and government agencies are "involved in a biological safety cover-up of death after Covid-19 vaccinations." Dr. McCullough explains that some of these deaths are from fatal cases of myocarditis, blood clots, and allergic reactions. He tells the story of Mr. Ramirez and how he lost his son Ernesto Ramirez Jr. after he received his Pfizer shot.

"Ernest Ramirez – so there's a father – he's a truck driver, he's a single father, he's got a 16-year-old boy,” Dr. McCullough says. “He doesn't know! He's afraid of Covid, he's not sure what to do. There's all this messaging. So what does he do? He takes – the father takes the shot first to make sure it's safe. And, he has a sore arm, and he's otherwise okay. Then he tells his 16-year-old boy, 'go ahead and take the shot.' 16-year-old boy takes the shot, dies of myocarditis. They had me review the autopsy.” According to the doctor, Ernesto Ramirez Jr. died from fatal myocarditis. His father decided to share his story publicly, but a government agency allegedly tried to silence him.

 "And do you know what he did? The father did? He went out to tell America that 'this can happen. And my son clearly died of the vaccine,'” explains Dr. McCullough. “He was offered money to shut up. He'll tell the story, and I think Americans should hear this story." 

Ramirez says that he was contacted by FEMA, who requested he change his son's cause of death to Covid-19 so that he could receive money. “Seven months after Jr passed, FEMA contacted me and asked me to change his cause of death to COVID so they could help me financially,” Ramirez says. “I told them that I would never do that, and I would definitely never disrespect my son in that way. The government has completely abandoned me. The government killed my son. I know nothing will bring Jr back, and I miss him every day. My pain is so unbearable. The only thing that I can do now is to try to help others. I don’t want any other family to go through what I’m going through.”

It seems many social media platforms have tried to silence Ramirez as well. When the single father started a GoFundMe in order to raise funds for his son's service, the website removed his page. And, on November 11, Ramirez tweeted that he had been permanently locked out of Facebook and Messenger. 

Many people have come out to support Ramirez, including the United States representative for Kentucky, Thomas Massie. “Ernest Ramirez @rgvrunner01 should be allowed to share the story of his only son Ernesto who died a few days after receiving the COVID vaccine,” he writes.

Ramirez’s friend also tried to tag him in an Instagram Story – but it appears as though the platform has barred people from tagging his account. The continuous censorship from social media platforms only acts as a reminder for Ramirez, fueling him to continue his mission of spreading awareness on the Covid-19 vaccine. He writes: “I WAS ABOUT TO GIVE UP BUT NOW THEY FUELED THE FIRE! I WANT TO THANK IG FOR REMINDING ME WHAT I AM HERE FOR!!!”

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