People Are 25% More Likely To Suffer Cardiac Arrest After Covid Vaccine, Per New Study

The coronavirus vaccine has been questioned by many over the last year, as there are many people who have had averse reactions to the shot. A recent study shows that the vaccine can result in a much higher risk of cardiac arrest in both men and women.

By Gina Florio1 min read
woman covid vaccine

While it seems like the coronavirus pandemic is getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror, there is still a push to get the vaccine and its respective booster(s) in order to stop the spread of the virus (even though we already know it doesn't stop you from contracting and spreading it). There are some studies recently that have sparked caution in many people and made them skeptical about the vaccine.

New Study Says People Are 25% More Likely To Suffer Cardiac Arrest after Covid Vaccine

A new study published in Nature surveyed data from Israel National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) during the months of January-May 2021 compared to the years 2019-2020. The study found that cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome in people aged 16-39 was much more common in the 2021 period than 2019-2020. In fact, there was a 25% increase of calls about cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome, and they were significantly associated with the 1st and 2nd doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Just as important to note is that these cases were overwhelmingly not associated with coronavirus infection rates, meaning people who simply got sick with coronavirus didn't have the same increase of likelihood for cardiac arrest compared to those who received the coronavirus vaccine. The study specifically raised concerns for severe cardiovascular side effects that highlight the relationship between the vaccine and myocarditis, which is a causal relationship that has been talked about frequently in the last couple years.

While myocarditis has been mostly talked about in young, healthy men, this study found that women are just as likely to suffer from some sort of cardiovascular issue as men are, whether it's cardiac arrest, blood clots, acute coronary syndrome, etc.

None of the mainstream media outlets are reporting on this, including the networks that have spent the better part of two years reporting endlessly on coronavirus, the vaccine, and its effects.