Covid Vaccine Death Memorials Pop Up All Over Australia, After Nearly 20,000 More People Died Than Expected

By Nicole Dominique
·  3 min read
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Covid vaccine death memorials have reportedly been popping up all over Australia. The "Forest of the Fallen" honors those who died or were injured after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. Additionally, nearly 20,000 Australians died last year, the highest toll recorded since World War II – but the media says half of it is due to coronavirus.

Covid vaccine death memorials have reportedly been popping up all over Australia. The display is titled "Forest of the Fallen," and it honors those who have died or been injured after receiving their mRNA vaccinations. The exhibition draws attention to the "fallen" by erecting tall sticks with images of the victims and the details of their death or injuries. The movement was started by one woman in Tasmania, and Reignite Democracy Australia has been working to spread the campaign nationally.

The memorials have apparently been spotted at various locations, according to the Aussie news site, Interestingly, they deleted their article on the Forest of the Fallen exhibitions, but you can see the archived version here. Users state a memorial was recently held this week in Canberra, Australia – just over one year after the city announced that nearly 95% of their residents were fully vaccinated, and was on track to become "the most vaccinated city in the world."

Actuaries Insitute in Australia has found that nearly 20,000 more Australians died in 2022, the highest recorded number of deaths since World War II. The study blamed half of the excess rate of mortality on Covid-19. Karen Cutler, the spokesperson for Actuaries' Covid-19 Mortality Working Group, recognizes that these numbers are abnormal. "It is not within normal levels of fluctuation in non-pandemic times," she said, adding, "COVID-19 accounts for about half of this excess, and we are also seeing a significant amount of excess mortality that is not recorded as due to COVID-19 on death certificates."

Author Alex Berenson shared shocking data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in October 2022, claiming "the mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple." The data showed a spike in death rates shortly after the Covid-19 vaccine was administered to the masses.

Aussie volunteers remain hopeful as they continue to bring awareness to the Covid-19 vaccine. “We’re giving a voice to the silenced,” said a woman known as Lorraine. “There’s a lot of pain out there. These people are very grateful that we are now telling their story in a public way. We go to parks and erect these sticks which have stories with pictures on of each person’s injuries. The ones at the front are deaths, and we put a flower on each of the deaths, and we hold a minute’s silence as a sign of respect in the morning after we’ve set up display."

She continued, "What we want is for people to have their curiosity ignited and to walk in and explore and read the stories at their own leisure. We get lots of different reactions, some of them are very emotional. We’ve had people come in here and cry, we’ve had people come in here and say thank you.”

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