95% Of Corpses Received The Covid-19 Vaccination Within Two Weeks Of Their Deaths, According To Funeral Director

The Epoch Times has reported that a New Zealand-based funeral director noticed that 95% of the corpses he was seeing had received the Covid-19 mRNA shot within two weeks of their deaths.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
vaccine arm

“Ninety-five percent of the people who have passed away through the work that I’ve done have been vaccinated within two weeks,” said Brenton Faithfull. 

Faithfull has had the same occupation as a funeral director for 41 years and noticed unsettling similarities between the many corpses he came across. “It’s very obvious, they die within two weeks of receiving the vaccination, a lot of them… almost appear to have died from anaphylaxis, almost a reaction straight away to the booster," he says. Anaphylaxis is described as a severe, potentially fatal allergic reaction. One study back in 2021 found that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine had purportedly caused anaphylactic reactions in some recipients. Faithfull also adds that people have died the same day or the day after their vaccination. "This isn’t a one-off case, this is the majority of cases that have come through our facility," Faithfull says in one interview. 

The Epoch Times also interviewed a different funeral director in the past who goes by the name John O'Looney. “From the very moment these injections went into arms, the death rate soared beyond belief. They labeled them all as Covid deaths, but the reality is they were almost exclusively the people who were vaccinated,” O’Looney informed The Epoch Times.

“We now see record numbers of deaths in the vaccinated and in record numbers of young people. They die from a mixture of sudden very aggressive cancers or blood clots, which cause heart attack and stroke,” he added.

In 2021, Reuters fact-checked an article that claimed a funeral director declared that the "only ones dying" were individuals who received the Covid-19 shot, saying that there was "no evidence" and that the director was "unidentified." However, they've yet to make a comment on the whistleblowing funeral directors who have been identified. 

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