The Most Beautiful Woman’s Face, According To Science

In contemporary culture, we see beautiful faces from all walks of life. However, according to science, the most beautiful of women’s faces have certain hallmarks.

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A top Harley Street plastic surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva, who runs the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London, used facial mapping technology to analyze faces with the Golden Ratio, and he discovered that Amber Heard and Bella Hadid have the most beautiful faces.

What’s the Golden Ratio?

Did you know that you could assign an actual number to beauty? The Golden Ratio does exactly that!

The ancient Greeks believed there was a “Golden Ratio” for physical beauty which they found was present all over the world. In fact, even the the Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the closer a face or object gets to the Golden Ratio, the more beautiful it is. Many artists, painters, and designers throughout history have used the formula in design and art. 

The Golden Ratio of beauty (also known as Phi, or the Fibonacci number) can be used to measure facial symmetry, which is deemed to be a key factor in perceived attractiveness.

It’s complicated, but Dr. De Silva offers a simple explanation: “The length and the width of someone's face is measured and then the results are divided. According to the Golden Ratio, the ideal result is roughly 1.6. Measurements are then taken from the forehead hairline to the spot between the eyes, from the spot between the eyes and the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. A person is considered to be more beautiful if the numbers are equal.”

He adds, “Attention is then given to the symmetry and proportion of the face. To be deemed 'beautiful' according to the Golden Ratio, the length of the ear must be equal to the length of the nose and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes.”

Amber Heard and Bella Hadid Have the Most Beautiful Faces

Dr. De Silva used computerized mapping technology to successfully measure celebrity faces according to the Golden Ratio. 

“These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients' surgery,” he said.

As a result of his research, Dr. De Silva found that actress Amber Heard’s facial features most closely correlated to the Greek Golden Ratio, with a score of 91.85%.

“Amber Heard had a near perfect ratio of nose dimension 99.7% and her chin was also almost perfect. Across the 12 key markers for nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape, Amber Heard had the highest combined score,” Dr. De Silva said.

He added, “Amber ranks so highly because of the wonderful shape of her nose and chin. She has an ageless beauty. She would have been higher with a stronger face shape.”

We can't say that Johnny Depp disagreed, what with his willingness to stay in their marriage despite the alleged abuse he endured.

Similarly, in 2019, supermodel Bella Hadid scored the highest according to the Golden Ratio. “Bella Hadid is a worthy winner with stunning facial symmetry,” Dr. De Silva said.

Bella received an overall score of 94.35%. He said, “Bella Hadid was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection. She had the highest overall reading for her chin which, with a score of 99.7%, is only 0.3% away from being the perfect shape.”

“She also came second for her eye positioning,” he added. “She is one of the new generation of supermodels and could dominate the profession for the next decade with her stunning looks. Her biggest weakness is in the brow area.”

Now, we'd argue to say that these results have been heavily skewed by Bella's plastic surgery, as we all know that celebrities have access to the latest and greatest cosmetic procedures available.

Who Else Made the List?

Many other famous actresses and models came close to the ancient Greek principle for physical perfection.

Cara Delevingne scored at 89.99%, particularly due to her full eyebrows which achieved the highest scores, as well as her lips which also scored top marks. 

Katy Perry scored at 90.08% due to the shape of her nose, but scored low for her chin. 

Natalie Portman scored at 90.51%. Her well-positioned eyes grabbed her top marks. However, her brow area was her weakest feature. 

Scarlett Johansson scored at 90.91%. Her eye proportions achieved the highest scores, however she was let down by her thin lips and weak face shape. 

Kate Moss scored 91.05%. The supermodel scored high for her eye spacing and eyebrows. Her weakest point was her chin, which brought down her scores. 

Taylor Swift scored 91.64%. The singer was rated high for her lips and chin, but low for her eyebrows. 

Ariana Grande scored 91.81%. The pop star’s forehead and chin were rated highly. However, her larger than average gap between her lips and nose, as well as her eyebrows, scored low.  

Kendall Jenner scored at 90.98%. The top model went from 82.67% score in 2010, to increasing her overall scores by 9.7% as a result of alleged plastic surgery. In particular, Kendall’s nose and lips improved the most. 

Kylie Jenner scored at 88.5%. The influencer and businesswoman's nose, lips, and eye positions were her strongest features. 

Making the Perfect Face

Dr. De Silva took his research one step further and used technological methods to digitally create the “perfect” female face.

Silva used the best scoring features from many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows, Kate Moss’s forehead, Amber Heard’s nose, Scarlett Johansson’s eyes, and Emily Ratajkowski’s lips. 

Closing Thoughts

Mainstream media will tell you that beauty is nothing more than a social construct. However, it’s true that there are some scientifically desirable traits. 

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t forget that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The Golden Ratio does have some scientific truth behind it, but it's important to note that all of the women mentioned above have access to the best of the best when it comes to plastic surgery and even beauty treatments.

While exploring these topics are certainly fun, we want to remind you that you are beautiful just as you are today. We all have our unique features, which we should continually strive to embrace and celebrate.

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