Johnny Depp Details The Illegal Drugs That Amber Heard Allegedly Used In Front Of Him And Says He "Thought Maybe I Could Help Her"

Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard is still underway in Fairfax County, Virginia, and he has taken the stand again to speak about the alleged abuse that Heard has accused him of.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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Previously Johnny Depp took the stand and insisted that he has never "struck any woman" despite the allegations that Amber Heard made about him. He also spoke about his difficult childhood which included an abusive mother who attempted suicide when his father left. We also heard last week from their therapist that Heard often "initiated fights" and triggered Depp into destructive behavior. He's back in court today and is answering more questions about his tumultuous marriage with Heard.

Johnny Depp Says Amber Heard Used Multiple Drugs in Front of Him

Depp, wearing a gray suit with his hair pulled back, was explicitly asked whether Heard had ever used drugs in front of him during the time they were together as a couple. He said he saw her take MDMA "a dozen times or 20 times during the course of the years" and use mushrooms six or seven times. Depp also said that she was on several medications, including "high-velocity speed, if you will." He tried to recall the exact name of this medication, but the attorney said it wasn't necessary to remember the details.

But he also admitted to using opiates himself and attempting to detox from the drugs so he could improve his life.

Depp spoke about his desire to make the marriage work even though it was a difficult relationship. "I wanted to try to make it work," he said. "I thought maybe I could help her." He said Heard had "spoken of suicide on a couple of occasions" and that was a factor in his decision not to leave her, especially considering that his mother attempted suicide when he was young. "I’m sure it’s somehow related to my father remaining stoic as my mother would beat him to death,” he added.

So he stayed. And he tried to make her happy. "I tried to wake her up with laughter," he said. "I generally just tried bringing her mood up. Sometimes it worked, many times it didn't, but I tried and I wanted to try because as I said I didn't want to fail."

"Not understanding fully what I was, if you'll excuse the term, up against, I kept trying to, no avail whatsoever," he said. "It just got worse."

Depp will likely be cross-examined by Heard's attorneys soon.