Nobody Is Talking About The Fact That Justin Trudeau Is Owned By The World Economic Forum

By Gina Florio··  6 min read
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Justin Trudeau

We have witnessed a historical power grab happen right before our eyes in Canada over the last month. Just when we thought 2022 was going to be the year when the coronavirus madness started to die down, the Canadian government decided to double down on the tyranny.

The Freedom Convoy truckers started out on a mission to protest the unconstitutional vaccine mandates that have swept Canada. Their movement grew bigger and bigger, more allies joined them, and they eventually occupied Ottawa, the capital of Canada. They have refused to stand down, even when the government has threatened to use private businesses to freeze their bank accounts and vehicle insurance.

Justin Trudeau Has Doubled Down on the Tyranny

We always expected that Prime Minister Trudeau wouldn't acquiesce to the truckers' demands, because we know that at the end of the day he doesn't care at all about the working class. He only cares about power. But Trudeau took it even a step further than ignoring the truckers and invoked special emergency powers, calling the truckers' occupation of Ottawa a "state of emergency."

“The Emergencies Act is not something to undertake lightly, and it’s something that needs to be momentary, temporary and proportional,” Trudeau said. This emergency power granted the Canadian government with the opportunity to seize control over the truckers' bank accounts – both corporate and personal – as well as cancel their vehicle insurance. For your health and safety, of course.

The emergency powers also grant the government powers to regulate and/or prohibit travel to and from a specified area, to evacuate people from a certain location, and to confiscate personal property from any particular area.

"More than half of Trudeau's cabinet are actually Young Noble Leaders of the World Economic Forum."

“The government is issuing an order with immediate effect under the Emergencies Act, authorizing Canadian financial institutions to temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations," Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said. "This order covers both personal and corporate accounts."

These emergency powers were originally enacted last week, but on February 21 the motion passed in Canada's Parliament with 185 to 151 votes. That essentially means that Trudeau is keeping his emergency powers indefinitely, even though the police cleared out Ottawa over the weekend.

But removing the truckers from Ottawa is just the beginning. The emergency powers have given the Canadian government the power to closely monitor individuals who donated to the Freedom Convoy using crowdfunding platforms and payment service providers. Every one of these services will have to register with Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre, which monitors transactions for money laundering and terrorist financing. Even people who donated $25 to the Freedom Convoy cause are being watched. But again, it's for your health and safety.

Justin Trudeau Is Controlled by the World Economic Forum

When you look at the power structures and which politicians are controlled by globalist organizations that have a clear agenda to rule over the working class, you can see just how much of a pawn Trudeau truly is. The power grab being executed through the emergency powers is nothing more than Trudeau carrying out his mission as dictated by global leaders such as the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab, German engineer and economist who is executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), stated clearly in a recent speech that there are multiple Young Noble Leaders of the WEF that are doing the WEF's bidding around the world. And not surprisingly, he named Trudeau specifically.

Even people who donated $25 to the Freedom Convoy cause are being watched.

"Angela Merkel, even Vladimir Putin – they all have been Young Noble Leaders of the World Economic Forum," Schwab said. "But what we are very proud of now is young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina, and so on – so we penetrate the cabinets."

"I know that half of his cabinet or even more than half of his cabinet are actually Young Noble Leaders of the World Economic Forum," he added.

Why is nobody talking about this? Why haven't we heard this at all from mainstream media? Schwab actually said that the WEF is penetrating the cabinets. Well, we know the answer to that. Because once you understand who controls Trudeau, you fully understand the motives behind his actions – especially his tyranny – and you can see clearly that this was never about your health and safety.

In a 2016 interview, Schwab talked about the goal of microchipping everybody by 2026. "At first we will implant them in our clothes, and then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin," he said. "There will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world." Um, no thank you.

He goes on to say that they're aiming for "a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world." These are the people who are controlling Trudeau from behind the scenes.

And it's not just Trudeau. Chrystia Freeland works for both Trudeau and Schwab. She is the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and has been a longstanding figure of the WEF, sitting on the board of trustees since 2019. This is the very woman who explicitly said that coronavirus "created a window of political opportunity."

These people are saying it to our face, but many of us are too stupid to actually listen. They are laying their cards out on the table, and yet the media is pretending like it's not happening.

This is the very woman who explicitly said that coronavirus "created a window of political opportunity."

Mysteriously, Trudeau contracted coronavirus and went into hiding a few days before he announced he invoked his emergency powers. It's certainly not a stretch of the imagination to wonder whether he was meeting with globalist leaders behind the scenes to decide what he should do to gain more control over the Canadian people. If 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth can still go about much of her business with coronavirus, why does a fully vaccinated 50-year-old man have to go completely into hiding to beat the virus? Spoiler alert: he doesn't.

Follow the power and follow the money. That trail will tell you exactly what you need to know about power-hungry world leaders who have no allegiance to their own constituents and instead bow down to globalist organizations that have very real plans to stick a microchip in your body and control the masses.

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