Canada Is Threatening To Freeze The Bank Accounts And Suspend Vehicle Insurance Of 'Freedom Convoy' Truckers

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Freedom Convoy

The Canadian government is growing more and more frustrated by the Freedom Convoy truckers who have occupied Ottawa in protest of the coronavirus vaccine mandates that are preventing them from working. In a desperate attempt to stop the truckers from continuing their protest, they are threatening to freeze their bank accounts.

The Freedom Convoy has inspired hope in citizens and workers across the world over the last month. The Canadian truckers who have traveled across the country to occupy Ottawa and demand an end to the unfair vaccine mandates have been successful in causing an uproar and disrupting the government's tyrannical power grabs.

Canada Is Threatening To Freeze the Truckers' Bank Accounts

Ottawa has been completely blocked off by the Canadian truckers, who are adamant on sending a message to the government that they refuse to abide by unconstitutional mandates. Government officials have been in a frenzy over the past couple of weeks as they try to manage the growing movement that is taking the world by storm.

Canada announced on February 14 that they will be freezing the bank accounts of Freedom Convoy truckers in Ottawa if they do not stand down.

"We are today serving notice if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen," the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at a press conference. "The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended."

According to Freeland, the government is even threatening to freeze personal financial accounts in addition to corporate accounts.

"This is about following the money," Freeland said. "This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades."

"Send your semi-trailers home. The Canadian economy needs them to be doing legitimate work, not to be illegally making us all poorer."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration are allowing banks to freeze funds until further notice. This announcement came right after Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada's history, which allows the Canadian government to forego civil rights, shut down businesses, and prohibit all the people's right to assemble and protest. This frightening development appears to be the government's last resort at attempting to control the situation.

The government is growing more and more desperate to quell this unprecedented workers' uprising. Meanwhile, the Freedom Convoy has inspired other motorist convoys across the world (France, New Zealand, Australia) to gather and fight against the tyrannical mandates that have swept many nations. There is nothing free about freedom, and the brave truckers willing to risk everything are proving this to be true.

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