France Is Blocking 'Freedom Convoy' Motorists From Entering Paris In Protest Of Vaccine Mandates

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Paris vaccine protest

The Freedom Convoy in Canada is having an international ripple effect. A group of motorists in southern France decided to set off on a journey to Paris and Brussels to protest against the coronavirus vaccine mandates. Local police are doing everything in their power to block them from entering France's capital.

This French Freedom Convoy of motorists is fed up with high gas prices and increased cost of living as a result of coronavirus mandates and restrictions. Inspired by the truckers in Canada who have occupied Ottawa, they gathered to make their way to Paris. Most of the French population is either double or triple vaccinated, but there is still a growing uprising against the mandates. France is witnessing protests nearly every single week.

Police Are Banning the Motorists from Entering Paris

There is speculation that this Freedom Convoy is not very well organized, but the Paris police have nonetheless announced that these motorists will be blocked from even entering the city. They are citing "risks of disturbing public order" as the reason for their ban from February 11-14.

"There will be a special deployment... to prevent blockages of major roads, issue tickets and arrest those who infringe on this protest ban," the police stated.

There are some online chat groups that are planning to convene in Paris on February 11. Some have already set out on their journey from Nice and Bayonne, and many of the motorists who are making their way to Paris are even carrying Canadian flags with them. Allegedly, their plan is to continue onwards to Brussels on Monday after they demonstrate in Paris.

If they successfully make their way to Paris to protest, they run the risk of being sentenced to two years in prison, having their driver's license suspended, or being slapped with a €4,500 fine.

Judging by the movement we're seeing with this Freedom Convoy, the cause outweighs the risk. They are determined to make their way to Paris to fight against the coronavirus vaccine mandates that have rocked France along with many other European countries. This determination is also making its way across the world – we are seeing similar protests emerge in New Zealand and Australia.

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