Jeffree Star Trashes Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin Products In Viral Review: "In This House, We Are Team Selena"

Jeffree Star reviews Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber in a viral TikTok after the model faced backlash for her alleged "mean girl" behavior against Selena Gomez.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star's review of Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber has sent the internet into a frenzy. The influencer's TikTok comes weeks after the alleged feud between Hailey and Selena Gomez made headlines, and Jeffree did not hold back with his critiques. In a video that has reached nearly three million views in just 13 hours, the makeup guru shares that he recently received his box in the mail. "So we are fully back to reviewing makeup, and this came in the mail."

The YouTuber shows Rhode's minimalistic packaging to his audience, which features a photo of Hailey inside. "Okay, so the packaging is so boring. And then I open it up, and girl, she literally looks like she wants to die," he says. "Like, focus. Oh my god, that face is like, 'Why did I do this?'"

"So when you're privileged, and you use daddy's money, and you've never worked a day in your life, I guess this is what we're doing," Jeffree adds, referring to Hailey's "nepo baby" status. "Okay, you guys, I don't even know what to say. This is so boring. I'm not even trying to be funny for once. This is what she's giving."

The makeup artist surprises his audience by suddenly throwing Hailey's skincare line into the trash can instead of actually reviewing it. "In this house, we are team Selena, and we are team not bullying anyone, so we're gonna skip today's review," Jeffree continues. "Wait, wait. She doesn't even deserve a pink trash can." He pauses, and the clip cuts to a bigger and dirtier garbage bin, where he dumps the skincare items. "And just like Shawn Mendes said, 'bye.'"

Hailey enraged users last month after she and Kylie Jenner seemingly shaded Selena's eyebrows. This prompted fans to dig into Hailey's strange past of copying the singer's looks and interviews. But Hailey isn't the only one who has faced backlash for her behavior.

Last month, Jeffree came under fire for stating his honest opinions on gender identities and pronouns. "The they and them, and all that extra sh*t that we added during the pandemic because everyone was so bored in their f*cking houses. They just started to make up more sh*t and more sh*t," he told host Taylor Lewan on Bussin' with the Boys podcast.

"You're not they and them," he added. "You're male, or you're female. People get so mad when I say that. How are you a 'they?' What the f*ck does that mean? It's stupid is what it is!" Jeffree's remarks angered the pronoun culture, unsurprisingly, but the star remained unbothered and doubled down on Twitter: "I said what I said. It’s not that complicated."

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