Is He A Leader? 12 Signs That Say Yes

Not every “leader” will have the exact same personality, but there are a few qualities that every man who’s a leader will have in common.

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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There are a few character qualities on your dating checklist that you hold in high regard, that you deeply desire your future man to have in spades. You want him to be the kind of man that’s husband material – loving, protective, thoughtful, hardworking, and faithful. You want a guy who’s always learning and growing, who’s loving and romantic, who can admit when he’s wrong, who’s always thinking of ways he can become a better man.

One more thing you’d love for your future husband to be? A leader. You want a guy who knows what he wants and how to make it happen, who’s not afraid to take the road less traveled, whom you know you could count on to have a plan, no matter what.

But how can you tell if a man is a true leader or not? What telltale signs should you keep an eye out for? Here are 12 qualities that every leader will have.

He Naturally Rallies People

He’s someone that people gravitate toward, trust, like, and want to be around – without all that much effort on his end. Whereas some people might really struggle to get a group of people together and to believe in them, he seems to be able to get everyone excited to be part of whatever he’s doing.

He Isn’t Controlling

A leader doesn’t have to control, force, or coerce anyone to do his bidding because he never has any issues getting other people on his side or in his corner. People want to be around him, to work with him. He inspires in others a natural desire to help, contribute, and collaborate.

He Always Has an Idea

While he might fall into ruts now and then, a leader can be counted on to come up with a new idea, a different path forward, or another plan of action. You won’t worry that he’ll stay stagnant. When faced with a challenge, a leader continues to think through possibilities until he finds a solution that makes sense.

He’s the One People Look To

It goes without saying that a leader is confident, and that’s exactly why others look to him for guidance, direction, and advice. He’s the person people look to when things feel uncertain. His confidence and competence inspire the same in whoever is around him.

He’s Responsible

A leader knows he's a leader, but he doesn’t take this role lightly – he feels the full weight of being seen as the provider, the guide, and the orchestrator. And for that reason, he’s responsible, trustworthy, and dependable. He won’t leave you guessing.

He’s Driven

He’s not one to sit around fantasizing all day long or just talking about his big, lofty dreams that will come to fruition “someday” – he’s someone who does. A leader is motivated, driven to leave his mark on the world, not ever passive. If he talks about an idea he has, you can be sure it’ll be a reality soon enough.

He’s Self-Aware

A genuine leader is deeply honest with himself. He’s incredibly self-aware, understands and fully acknowledges what his weaknesses are, and doesn’t cause others to have to lie to him in order to protect his ego. There’s no pretending with him – he can handle the truth about himself.

He’s Open-Minded

What he says won’t necessarily go. He’s open to discussion, to other points of view, and to hearing someone else out. He doesn’t get stuck in old, broken, unhelpful patterns, but instead keeps an open mind and is always open to a new approach and taking risks.

He’s Encouraging

A leader isn’t only focused on what’s going on in his own life. He’s also deeply invested in the lives of the people he cares about. And because leading is his natural inclination, he’ll be the first person to offer encouragement, kind words, and reassurance.

He’s Optimistic

He’s not unrealistic, dishonest, or toxically positive, but he’s someone who will always search for reasons to be optimistic because he doesn’t believe anything is ever truly hopeless. He doesn’t feel like a victim. He’s certain of his ability to turn things around, to make lemonade, no matter what.

He’s Focused

A leader knows what his purpose is. He knows what his natural gifts are, what his passions are, and how those two things meld together. He doesn’t bounce around from thing to thing, trying on different identities for size. He’s consistent and focused, staying on the path he knows is right for him.

He’s Emotionally Intelligent

He knows how to communicate effectively, how to connect, and what others need from him. He also seems to intuitively understand others, from their inner worlds to their fears to their desires. He’s constantly gathering bits of information about whomever he’s with in order to gain deeper insight into who they are.

Closing Thoughts

A leader makes for a good, strong, devoted, loyal husband, so it’s essential to keep these qualities in mind while dating.

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