Influencer Gets Offended By The Idea That A Man Would Want To Make A Woman His Wife: "She Has Her Own Life!"

The popular podcast called "whatever" has gone viral over the last couple weeks for several clips of various people arguing about dating, marriage, and the relationship between men and women. One clip shows a young woman getting upset at the idea that a man would want to make his girlfriend his wife.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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In a culture where OnlyFans is rapidly on the rise and more and more women would rather make money online than settle down and start a family, the idea that a man would propose to a woman and make her his wife can be shocking to some. On the podcast "whatever," which has 3.87 million subscribers on YouTube, a group of men and women sat down for nearly four hours for the "Dating Talk" show to discuss various topics such as commitment, how birth control affects dating preferences, sugar daddies, and what constitutes high-value men. One clip in particular has gone viral across social media platforms, showing a heated exchange between a 27-year-old man and a college student who is also an influencer.

Influencer Gets Offended by the Idea That a Man Would Want To Make a Woman His Wife

An influencer named Lauren Weaver, who currently attends University of California, Santa Barbara, joined an episode of "Dating Talk" that was streamed on October 18, 2022. She told the other participants that she and her best friend are a "package deal" for potential sugar daddies. Lauren says her longest relationship has been about a year, and she is always on the lookout for a new sugar daddy because she needs to put herself through college. She uses dating apps to find certain "arrangements."

Another participant on the panel is 27-year-old Chase, who lives a very different kind of lifestyle and is on the lookout for a future wife. Chase is currently single, his longest relationship was a year and a half, and he doesn't use any dating apps. He also talked about how men don't sleep around with as many women as people think they do, citing how he knows many men who are struggling to find a girl to settle down with because so many women are playing the field these days.

As the conversation continued, everyone started to share their experiences in the world of dating, as well as what they're looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend, if they are even interested in a relationship. "If I find a girl that I want to make my wife, and I find her super attractive..." Chase begins a thought. Lauren seems to be bothered by this statement. She mocks him and laughs while saying, "make your wife."

"Yeah, that's what I would do. I would make her my wife," Chase says. "I would ask her to marry me and then make her my wife."

As Lauren is openly scoffing at the notion that he would marry a woman and make her his wife, Chase says, "You are 100% a feminist."

"Like, I'm an equal human," Lauren says, perturbed by this idea. "It's not about you wanting to make her your wife. She has her own life... She wants to go to the club. She wants to do her makeup."

"She's not going to want to go to the clubs, because here's the thing: that's a non-negotiable for me in marriage," Chase says.

"Okay well, good f*cking luck!" Lauren responds. "There's plenty of women out there who don't want to go to the club all the time."

This short clip has garnered 1.5 million views on Twitter alone and sparked a conversation about young single women and how they approach dating. Many people are shocked by how offended she is by the fact that a man would want a wife and would want to make his girlfriend his wife.

Many of the comments on the original YouTube video highlight how so many young women have their priorities backward in our society today. They would rather serially date a long list of men, take on sugar daddies, and sell their bodies online than settle down with a man and start a family. The men participating in the discussion talked about how difficult it is to find high-value women these days—the kind of women who understand the importance of being faithful, loyal, and low-maintenance.

"Well, the woman in that video is clearly not wife material. Maybe girlfriend material or one-night-stand material but definitely not wife material," someone commented on YouTube.

"When these girls are 35 and still single? They’ll realise he was right all along," someone else wrote.

"I can’t even imagine being a man trying to date right now," a woman commented.

Many others chimed in to say that the men on the show, including Chase, talk basic common sense, which is unfortunately hard to find these days, especially when it comes to topics of dating and marriage.