How To Work Out And Eat Like “That Girl”

If your social media feeds look anything like mine, you probably watch at least a few aesthetically pleasing videos featuring acai bowls and hot girl walks every day. And while that lifestyle is admirable, it can also feel overwhelming to actually put into practice.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Thankfully, when it comes to being “that girl” in the realm of health, there are only a few key steps to take! Prioritizing your health in a Pinterest-like way is great wherever, whenever, or however you start. 

While not every meal or workout needs to be IG-worthy, it can be a great motivator to get out and move your body. Find what motivates you the best, whether it's cute workout wear or a fun pair of running shoes, and use it to keep yourself inspired to make healthy choices. Before long, you'll notice the difference in your mood and energy levels, and then the motivation becomes internal (yay!). 

Ready to get started? Here’s how to work out and eat like everyone’s favorite influencers. 

Healthy Eating 

When it comes to eating healthy, making choices that keep you motivated is key to maintaining habits. No one wants to eat boring, tasteless food. It's not compelling and it's practically impossible maintain. But if you follow “that girl” aesthetics, then it means food that not only looks good, but tastes good too. In other words: Adding color is important! 

Variety is also important. Sometimes it's easy to have a couple go-to meals that you know are good for you, but they can get boring pretty quickly. Create a list of 10 healthy options that include fruits, veggies, and protein to make sure you always have ideas for a fun and delicious meal on hand. You don’t have to be restrictive to eat like “that girl.”

If you’re a busy working woman, meal prepping is a great way to make sure you’re eating healthy meals and not grabbing fast food on your way home from work. Check out our list of healthy lunches for easy meal prepping!

Nutrient-Packed Color Palettes

An acai bowl or smoothie isn’t just a gorgeous way to add color to “that girl’s” Instagram feed, it’s also a nutrient-packed way to start your day! The base of an acai bowl or smoothie is super healthy and full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Just be sure to watch out for added sugars that are sometimes found in prepackaged options. Stick to making your own, and you'll be setting yourself up for a colorful and nutritious start to your day. You can also add protein powder for an extra boost of fuel for your morning workout.

And have you tried matcha? It's practically the "it girl" beverage of choice! Aside form its gloriously green hue, this type of green tea, made from whole powdered tea leaves, provides a host of health benefits: It's abundant in micronutrients and antioxidants, is great for glowing skin, and it may even encourage weight loss.

Early Morning Workouts

The early morning workout is a “that girl” routine staple. I know, not everyone is ready to get up and go early in the morning, but starting off your day with an endorphin-boosting workout is so rewarding!

These morning workouts can consist of cardio, weightlifting, or even swimming. Stay hydrated and then take a well-deserved “that girl” shower (complete with a hair mask, body scrub, and a good shave). If your 5-9 before your 9-5 doesn’t look like hers, start by making small steps until you reach your goal. 

Hot Girl Walks

In addition to, or in place of, the early morning workout, the TikTok famous “hot girl walk” is a must-add exercise in your daily routine.

Wondering why it's called a hot girl walk? There are a few reasons. First, it inspires a certain level of put-togetherness that allows you to feel hot while walking around your neighborhood. This can be as simple as putting on a cute matching set or trying out a new braid. Second, you feel hot after a walking workout. This isn’t the kind of rigorous exercise that leaves you covered in buckets of sweat. Your skin, hair, and body will have a natural glow from the endorphins, and it’s always a good idea to spend at least an hour outside in the sunshine!

Stretch-Based Fitness

If early morning workouts and hot girl walks aren’t your thing, try a stretch-based workout instead. Yoga and pilates are popular online because they are ultra-feminine in nature – building your body’s balance, gracefulness, and flexibility — while toning key muscle groups at the same time. Or, try the free feminine fitness platform 28, which provides nutrition tips and workouts designed for the female body all in one place!  

Reflective Journaling

In order to be your best self, you need to set aside time for reflection. Taking a few minutes at either the beginning or the end of the day to evaluate progress on goals, reflect on current mental health, and plan steps toward progress are important to a “that girl” routine, while also building healthy mental and emotional habits. Plus, doesn't the image of you writing in a beautiful journal was gazing out the window just scream a "that girl" IG post?

Aesthetics aside, this is the perfect time to focus on your spiritual well-being. Finding balance in body and mind is important to create a full picture of health. Carve out some quiet time in your morning or evening routine to read, write, or work through a devotional. It's a great way to become a well-rounded and relaxed woman. 

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of how you plan on updating your current healthy girl routine, props to you for making the effort! Take small steps toward your big goals – you can do it! 

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