27 Cute Pairs Of Sneakers That Will Make You Want To Work Out

Whether you’re gym-obsessed or you just started taking a daily "hot girl walk" around the neighborhood, a new pair of sneakers never hurt our fitness goals.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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If you don’t have the budget for a pricey pair of sneakers, don’t let that be the reason you don’t schedule in your workout routine. There are plenty of shoe options under $100 that will make your workouts more comfortable (and more fun!) without breaking the bank. And we all know that a great outfit leads to the confidence for a great workout! 

We’ve curated our list of tried and true favorites, all with the prettiest colors, designs, and feminine touches. Who said athletic shoes had to be ugly?

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Weight and Resistance Training 

If your workouts are focused on weight and resistance training, you’ll need to look for a comfortable yet supportive shoe that won’t slide. Flat shoes are also recommended for weight-lifting so you can feel more of a grip on the floor while lifting.  

If you’re just getting into weight or resistance training, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on a specialized pair of shoes. One of the most recommended training shoes is also great for your wallet, costing only $80. The Nike Air Max Lite sneakers have tons of great reviews and come in a gorgeous soft pink color, matching your cutest workout set. 

The RYKA Never Quit training sneakers ($80) are also super supportive and super cute! They’re constructed with a narrow heel for balance support while lifting, leaving room for your toes to be cushioned and comfortable. 

If you’re an experienced weight-lifter or know you need resistance training in your life, you might be ready to invest in a pricier pair of appropriate sneakers. The Nike Metcon 8 sneakers ($130) are built for your weightlifting and resistance training needs, with built-in padding for your heels, a durable sole, and a slip resistance structure to keep you on your feet. 

The On Cloud X 3 training shoe ($160) is another great option that comes in a variety of fun and feminine colors. Better yet, this shoe is built for your lifting workout, with a heavier weight that will keep you steady, with your feet on the ground. 

Believe it or not, one of your favorite workout brands also makes shoes…and they are becoming more popular due to their great quality and competitive price point. The Chargefeel Low workout shoe ($138) from Lululemon was built specifically for women’s feet during training, which is pretty impressive technology that will hold your foot in place during your lifting workout. In timeless, monochrome styles, these sneakers deserve a place in your workout routine! 

Running Shoes

Running is a great form of exercise that costs virtually nothing, and you can enjoy the natural aspects of your neighborhood at the same time! The Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature running sneakers ($70) are well-loved favorites that will support your whole foot as you run, with cushioning and traction support. Plus, the champagne color is so pretty! 

Another great option is the Nike Run Swift 3 running sneakers ($75), which are available in two different monochromatic styles and will keep your feet cool and comfortable on your next run. 

And if you’d like to add a retro touch, the Asics Tiger Runner sneakers ($60) are the perfect mix of modern comfort and ‘80s style.  

The HOKA Clifton 8 sneakers ($140) might just be the prettiest athletic sneaker you’ve ever seen, but they also offer incredible support in a soft, lightweight package, ideal for your morning run. 

If you’re training for a marathon or longer distance run, the HOKA Arahi 6 sneakers ($130) are your perfect running companion. Lightweight but wonderfully stable for your first and final miles, these sneakers are a win for comfort and a win for style (just check out the Blue Fog color!). 

And if you really want to invest in a nice pair of running shoes, the On Cloud 5 Terry Sneakers ($160) are built for runners – with comfortable soles, cloud-like materials, and sweat-wicking material perfect for indoor and outdoor runs. Plus, just look at the colors!  


Pilates is a great low-impact workout that tones and stretches your body. While you don’t necessarily need a specialized sneaker for this type of workout, you need to make sure that your feet won’t slip. Some women choose to wear a shoe to prevent this type of injury!

The Saysh 2 sneaker ($185) is a perfect pilates shoe, which has ribbon laces that are specifically designed to pull tight around your foot, creating stability and support. 

The On Cloudeasy sneaker ($130) is made with mesh and rubber, creating a breathable and bendable shoe that will move with you. The colors are so pretty, and this shoe is perfect for your pilates and yoga workouts. 

Another great pick is the APL Techloom Wave sneakers ($245). These beautiful shoes are made to be as sock-like as possible, with a seamless fabric construction and breathable comfort. No laces required! 

And if you’d rather do pilates in socks (because who wouldn’t?), grab this pair of Boost Low Rise Grip socks ($20) from Free People that will leave you feeling comfortable and refreshed after a no-slip workout. 

The Savvy Grip Sock ($14) is another great option for your pilates or yoga class.


Whether you plan on biking around the local community or in a high-intensity cycling class, shoes become very important to your comfort during your workout. You want a shoe with a sole that won’t flex as you ride, and will keep your foot steady so you don’t waste energy on the motion itself. 

While some cycling brands make bike specific shoes, there are plenty of other options that don’t have to be custom-made for your bike. The Nike SuperRep cycling shoe ($100) has added rubber supports built into the sole of the sneaker, which will create a comfortable repetition of movement for your foot, regardless of the distance. 

The On The Roger Advantage sneaker ($140) was originally made as a tennis shoe, but it receives some of its best reviews from cyclists! A supportive shoe for your whole foot, this sneaker doesn’t include that soft, bendable rubber that becomes a detriment as you ride. 

The Lululemon Strong Feel training shoe ($128) is the perfect combination between cushion and traction – both of which you’ll need on your next bike ride. Plus, the color options could not be prettier! 

Believe it or not, Vans ($65) are great for cycling, especially if you plan on biking around the neighborhood or on a bike trail. Popular with skaters and BMX riders, Vans are built with the perfect amount of grip, due to their waffle-patterned soles. And the best part? They come in a variety of cute colors and patterns! 

If you need another budget-friendly option, the Adidas Originals Heritage sneaker ($80) is a shoe that you can wear for biking and casual wear. These are great biking shoes because they have textured soles that help grip onto the pedals.


Who doesn’t love the athleisure look when running errands? Comfort is a high priority, obviously, but so is style. If these sneakers are going to be the finishing touch on your athleisure outfit, they need to be cute! 

The Adidas Swift Run casual sneaker ($90) is the perfect casual shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style. This white sneaker can be worn with any combination of athleisure wear and will be comfortable all day long. 

The Nike Renew Serenity pink and white sneaker ($65) is an athleisure classic, and will add a touch of femininity to any errand look. 

And finally, New Balance sneakers have become a must-have shoe for casual wear, and the 327 sneakers ($100) are no exception. Available in a beige or navy monochrome, these sneakers are adorable for everyday wear. 

For an upgrade on your workout shoe (made for casual wear), try the HOKA Clifton L Suede sneaker ($170). Everything you love about a workout shoe – comfort, support, and durability – combined with suede in pretty shades that you probably shouldn’t sweat in. 

The Brandblock Saga 130 sneakers ($248) are another street-ready style that doesn’t compromise on comfort. These sneakers come in cute pastel colors in a fun style that encompasses the athleisure look. 

The Nike Dunk Low Retro Valentine's Day 2023 sneaker ($205) is another cute and casual option with signature Valentine's Day colors to celebrate the occasion. Rich maroon with a pink Swoosh, these sneakers will make a fun statement with your favorite matching set!

Closing Thoughts 

Regardless of your desired workout, make sure you have the right footwear for your needs. A pair of pretty athletic shoes are sure to make the workout even more rewarding!

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