How To Style The Straight Jean Trend That’s Taking Over TikTok In A Feminine Way

Skinny jeans are a definite no in 2023, so what style of jeans are we supposed to wear? Baggy jeans or mom jeans?

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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The correct answer is the straight jean, which has taken over TikTok in recent weeks. One of our favorite influencers, Viviane Audi (@vivianeaudi), is the queen of straight-leg denim, which has inspired a wide variety of new looks and styles for every season. This style of jeans can be dressed up or down, and they’re comfortable for everyday wear. We love them for year-round looks as well, even in the summer! 

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Styling denim in a flattering and feminine way is always our style goal, and straight jeans are no different. Because the shape of the denim is a little bit baggier than your favorite pair of tight pants, you’ll want to make sure that your whole outfit is cohesive and not oversized. An easy method for styling a larger piece of clothing is to balance it out with tighter pieces, cropped silhouettes, and non-chunky shoe choices. This allows the pants to have their moment without drowning out your personal style and your body. 

If you need to update your wardrobe with a few pairs of straight jeans, this pair from Abercrombie is one of our favorites. The Ultra High Rise ‘90s Straight Jean ($90) is the pair of jeans you’ve seen all over Instagram and TikTok, and they’re currently in stock (lucky you!). And if you’re on the shorter side, the Ankle Straight Jean ($90) version from Abercrombie is another good go-to! 

Here’s how to style them!

With a Soft Sweater

An easy way to add a feminine touch to a straight-leg denim look is to pair them with a soft, girly sweater. A pastel shade of pink, green, yellow, or beige instantly softens the whole outfit. Add a few accessories – hair bow, jewelry, or a cute bag – for those soft girl vibes you’ve been looking to achieve. 

With a Cropped Jacket

Jackets and jeans are a perfect match in the winter months. When choosing a high-waisted pair of straight jeans, opt for a cropped jacket to balance out proportions and make sure you aren’t swallowed by all the fabric. Plus, here’s another excuse to wear your favorite jacket all season long. 

With a Dad Coat

The one exception to the “one oversized, one fitted” outfit combination rule is the dad coat. Paired with a fitted top and straight denim, this is the perfect outfit for shopping, sightseeing, and anywhere else you want to look great. A darker hue for both the coat and your denim wash is a chic combo, but you could also wear light-wash denim and a beige coat as well. 

With a Blazer

Straight jeans and a black blazer is the uniform of the cool girl. Keep the top monochrome by layering the black blazer over a black top. Add a pair of black sunnies and your everyday jewelry to finish off a perfect look! 

With All the Accessories

Headed to the snow soon? Or is the snow outside your door? Either way, you should embrace and celebrate the rest of the winter season by putting on all your favorite winter accessories. Straight denim and a neutral sweatshirt make the perfect base for a fun, colorful scarf and earmuffs! 

With a Bodysuit

Need an easy going-out look? Pair your straight jeans with a black bodysuit! A tighter bodysuit is the perfect match for the straight denim style, and you can customize this look for the season as well. Sweater bodysuits and long-sleeve options in the winter, and then transition into tank top and cami bodysuits in the spring! You can wear this outfit with heels, sandals, or even sneakers for a casual look. 

With a Button-Down

This look is an adorable spring transition outfit! Take a basic tank (in any color) and add a white button-down and straight denim. Shoe choice is up to you, but sneakers or sandals would make great spring shoes. Add some earrings and a cute bag, and you are good to go!

With Ugg Boots

You probably own a pair of UGG minis by now, so swap the leggings for a pair of light-wash straight jeans. This combo looks great with a neutral sweater and is extra cozy for colder days! 

Closing Thoughts

Straight-leg denim is a must-have basic in your wardrobe year-round. With winter slowly coming to an end and the arrival of the spring season on the horizon, stock your denim collection now with straight-leg jeans! 

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