How To Style The Nostalgic Ugg Boots Trend Without Having Flashbacks Of High School

Uggs are back, and many women have mixed feelings about the trend. Whether you wore them as a pre-teen or walked through the halls of your high school in your trusty Ugg boots, we probably all owned a pair (or a cheaper look-alike) at some point in the last decade.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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TikTok and Instagram have made it clear that the trend is back, and even some of our favorite style influencers and celebs are wearing them this season. There are a few distinct features of how to style Ugg boots this year, and white socks are a key styling necessity. A plain white crew sock will work, or you can add a brand logo or even a cute ruffled sock for a little something extra. Regardless of how you style your boots, you’ll need a pair of these socks!

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So what Uggs are currently in style? The Ultra Mini booties are one of the currently trending pairs, which are basically a shorter pair of the Ugg boots you wore in high school. They come in a few different colors, but the chestnut brown color is the one you will find all over social media. 

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Booties in “Chestnut,” $140

The other trending pair of Uggs right now is the Tasman Slipper, which has a little extra flair to it. 

UGG Women's Tasman Slippers, $100

And finally, paying homage to the original Ugg boot while keeping it 2022, the Ugg Mini Platform boots have been worn by Gigi Hadid and tons of other style influencers since the beginning of the fall. 

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform, $150

Now that you know which styles are trending, let's discuss how to elevate this trend into something you can comfortably wear as a chic and stylish adult!

Jeans and a Tee Variations

Denim and tees are an easy way to build an outfit, and Uggs make the perfect shoe for this look, especially if you’re tired of wearing the same old sneakers. You can add layers like flannels, jackets, or coats, and don’t forget cute accessories to create a purposeful look. 

Cargo pants and a sweater is another way to update a pair of Uggs for the fall and winter seasons. A cute cropped sweater and fitted pants look great with any of the trending boot options, without dressing younger than you are. 

Or add a puffer jacket and beanie for the ultimate fall look! Perfect for apple picking and walking through fall foliage, keep the colors simple and let the whole outfit shine. 

Business Casual

We’ve been wearing blazers a ton this fall, so why not style them with a pair of Ugg boots? There are a few ways to master this cool-girl trend, starting with a basic business casual look and then adding Ugg boots and white socks. Whether you wear trouser pants or treat your blazer like an updated sweater, a pair of Ugg boots will add the perfect casual touch to your outfit. 

Keep It Neutral

A simple monochrome or neutrally balanced look is another great way to style Uggs. Arguably, this look is best styled with the chestnut brown Uggs, and is reminiscent of Hallmark movies and cozy cabin weekends. Coordinated and comfy, a neutral look with a pair of Uggs is the perfect understated look. 

Sweater and Leggings

To avoid the high school flashback of your favorite VS hoodie, leggings, and Uggs, this outfit needs to be structured differently for an updated take on a nostalgic look. First, instead of a sweatshirt, wear a longer sweater with an interesting detail. Striped sweaters are great for this look, but any tunic style sweater will work. Finally, the white socks and boots. Don’t forget a handbag! 

Another way to update the leggings and Uggs outfit is to build a monochrome outfit. Black leggings and a black puffer jacket is an easy way to accomplish this look. Edgy and sophisticated, the Ugg boots add a softness to the outfit.

Skirt and Sweater 

This look is so cute for fall! Similar to the denim look, swap out your jeans for a fun denim skirt or patterned miniskirt, and add a sweater for warmth. You can add as many layers and accessories as you like – just don’t forget the white socks! 

Sherpa sweaters and jackets are a cute way to stay cozy, while still matching the Ugg aesthetic. Keeping the colors in the same tones will maintain the updated style goal with the right amount of comfy. 

Trench Coat

Another closet staple this season is a trench coat. It’s an easy fall layer that also looks adorable with a pair of Ugg boots. Throw it over a skirt and sweater for a cute shopping look or over a matching sweat set for added comfort. Either way, a pair of Ugg boots is the perfect shoe choice for this effortlessly cool look. 

Closing Thoughts

Uggs are back – just shorter and smaller than we remember! How are you styling these nostalgic shoes this season?

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