How To Enter Your Soft Girl Era

Here at Evie, we value femininity. If you’ve been looking for a way to tap into your femininity, this might just be your sign to enter your soft girl era in 2023.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Trending on some spheres of TikTok and Instagram, the soft girl is a woman who values beautiful things, taps into her feminine needs and wants, and fosters a gentle, loving presence for herself to grow. The soft girl era is trademarked by purposeful femininity, making conscious choices to be dainty and girly and soft. If this aesthetic were a designer brand, it would be Chanel. Classic, sweet, and girly. The overall vibe is dreamy. 

Removing some of our trained masculine actions and energy can be difficult, especially as working women in a hustle culture, so taking the time to participate in feminine activities can help you enter into this soft girl era. A specialized skincare routine that is both renewing for your skin and relaxing for your mind is a great way to start! Slow down by drinking tea in a cute china tea cup, put on a dainty PJ set, and de-stress in your cozy bed. 

Just as there isn’t one way to do any of the other fashion and wellness aesthetics, there isn’t just one way to enter your soft girl era. But it’s more than just an aesthetic. It’s a mindset, a personality, and a lifestyle. 

Ready to get started? 

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When it comes to style, think soft pastel colors. Light pink, lavender, yellow – paired with feminine touches in fabric and embellishments. Dresses are inherently feminine, so these will be the focus of soft girl style. However, if daily dresses are not a logical choice for you, don’t be discouraged. You can dress for your soft girl era without donning a dress every day, and I’ll show you how! 

You’ll want to choose pieces that show off your natural shape without being overly sexy. Ultra low-cut tops, micro mini skirts, or suggestive cutouts – these are not part of the soft girl aesthetic. Instead, swap these pieces for longer-length skirts that snatch your waist and hug your curves. Mom jeans in a light wash are just inherently soft girl vibes, so pair them with a light floral blouse or chunky knit sweater for a non-dress outfit option. Soft and slightly elegant materials such as silk and knits are another great way to channel that feminine feeling, regardless of the style of clothing you choose to wear.

Nap dresses have become popular on social media, due to their effortless feminine style and overall comfy wear for any daytime occasion. Paired with sandals, heels, or flats, a nap dress is a great option if you want to expand your wardrobe to include a few soft girl pieces.


Here is the emphasis of the soft girl aesthetic. Makeup should be feminine and highlight your best features, without being too heavy or drastic. However, this look features significantly more makeup than a simpler aesthetic like coastal grandmother or the clean girl. 

Blush is the essential, dare we say, focal point of your makeup. The right blush color and placement will add a youthful glow to your skin, while also blurring harsher lines and creating a soft makeup look. A soft pink color or a slightly deeper nude shade will help you accomplish the desired look, which you can lightly brush up on your cheeks and across your nose. The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch liquid blush in shades “Hope,” “Bliss,” or “Encourage” are great options. 

Lightly applied highlight on the high points of your face, as well as the tip of your nose, will play nicely with the blush and continue that glowy look we’re hoping to achieve. A liquid highlighter, like the Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel, is easy to use and provides that dainty glow that a soft girl needs. 

For those long flirty lashes, you’ll need a great mascara and a light hand. The soft girl look includes full, but seemingly natural, lashes. The Milk Makeup RISE mascara is a great option to lengthen your lashes without weighing them down with too much product.

And finally, a good lippie. The ideal look is that perfect “just kissed” flush that highlights your natural lip shape and creates a feminine vibe. A glossy lip is a great combination of all of these things. A light pink gloss, or even a sparkly clear gloss, is something you will wear daily and always keep on hand. The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb has a range of delightful shades with that long-lasting wear and color payoff you need to top off your soft girl beauty routine. 


The soft girl thrives in soft surroundings. Pastel colors, dreamy fabrics, and less clutter lead to less stress and more living. The colors and pieces you surround yourself with should lead to that calm feeling and general softness that you crave. In most circumstances, this means lightweight fabrics, lots of natural light, flowers on almost every surface, and soft, soothing colors that ignite joy and love. 

For most women entering their soft girl eras, this means pink! Light pink bedding, lace throw pillows, matching rugs, and delicate artwork that lines the walls of the bedroom. For other women, this could mean a focus on cream shades with subtle hints of pink and purple. It could also be a pastel yellow. Don’t put yourself in a box you discovered on social media – find what feels right to you and roll with it! 

Closing Thoughts

The soft girl era is one you might want to step into! Whether you’re already a girly girl or want to try something new, your inner soft girl is calling. 

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